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Aug 15, 2022

From: Social Climber

Subject: She’s a user!

Spill It to
The bride who’s mother in law doesn’t like her had no bridesmaids at her wedding. She has no friends because she’s a user and his parents see clear as day that she’s trying to climb up the ladder with their name. This won’t last !

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  1. JK

    Mmmm. Rich girls ALWAYS have friends. Maybe not true friends…. Might have been a choice. To me they are now married so support your son. Imagine having that unsmiling woman as you mother-in-law!!! Ugh.

  2. Bec

    100% she’s everywhere now, this has given her so much exposure. It’s sooooo freaking obvious.

  3. Melissa


  4. Summer Roberts

    Nicola. Does her Dad being a billionaire not help more than the Beckham name?

    • Sporty

      Have you ever heard of her before she was tied to a Beckham??

      • Yes

        I’ve seen several of her movies before she started dating Brooklyn. Js

        • Nana

          Hahahaha! Idk if this is sarcastic or not – funny both ways

  5. Bend it

    The new Beckham wife

  6. Eye roll

    I don’t believe this….her parents have more money than the washed up spice girl and her wondering husband.

    • Craig

      They have a estimated $450 million, not bad for a “washed up spice girl” and I think it means she wants the fame not the money and getting married to a Beckham is going to bring you more notoriety

      • DD

        The new bride’s family has about $1.7 billion. Everybody’s doing fine.

  7. erin

    her ‘friends’ are all people on her payroll… also, bella thorne did out her as the nastiest girl in the biz??‍♀️

  8. DD

    Vogue and Elle are reporting there were bridesmaids beyond just Harper Seven as the flower girl – doesn’t say how many or who they were but they were in gowns designed by Joel Diaz. I suspect this narrative that there’s strife and the new bride is ‘horrible’ is more easily digestible for the masses than accepting they’re private people when it comes to special occasions such as this.


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