Spicy wedding!

May 3, 2022

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Subject: About the wedding drama…

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
I saw your insta about THE wedding of the year..lots of drama went down, easier to email you anon. So the mother of the groom and the wife do not like each other. His mother refuses to acknowledge their hyphenated name for one thing. The families in general do not like each other. In the speech his parents gave they made no mention of the bride or their family causing the bride to run out crying! Yesterday his mom posted an insta video showcasing the dad’s birthday cake. Every member of the family represented on the intricate cake. Mom made a long video showing each and every person. Guess who was not included on the dad’s cake? you got it, their new daughter in law. Notice the posts about family being everything, she is NEVER tagged, only their kids.

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  1. Pop Culture addict

    I noticed this! She specifically posted congratulations to the Beckhams not the Peltz-Beckhams

  2. RHONJ

    Victoria Beckham! It was no secret that she absolutely adored Chloe G Moretz and always posting about her. I’m sure she was disappointed when they parted way

  3. Must be me

    Sounds like my life 😂

  4. nanook

    she should make amends….her son will choose his new wife over his mother……

  5. WYKYK

    It was written all over her face in the wedding photos. The bride seemed to have an attitude, perhaps it was nerves. I give it 3 years.

  6. Poopy spice

    She’s going to end up losing her son if she doesn’t stop! The poor wife. Momster in law from the gate!

  7. Nana

    So much money…..so much time to not care…..where the Dustin/Paulina gossip!?

  8. M

    Wow…you all are so confident he would pick his wife; that is not always the case. On this day last year, my FIL dragged me through the kitchen by my hair when I was home alone with him, and after I reported it to the police, my inlaws made my husband file for divorce.

  9. Nicola

    Let’s be fair, they won’t last long anyway but I doubt Victoria likes that he has married into a bigger name\wealthier family. She probably didn’t mind his ex girlfriend because she was a celeb but didn’t have billions. He is 23 and will change his mind by 30 anyway

    • Chola gurl


    • nyc

      not sure if this is significant, but I used to date her sister’s exboyfriend (Idated him for three years after brittany and him broke up) . brittany pelz who is now married. our mutual bpyfriend is twice our age. her parents flipped when they found out brittany was dating him and brought security guards to remove her from his place. Their father is a very powerful man but it seems like he approves of brooklyn.

  10. Kat

    Her parents are big time Trump supporters and are members at Mar-a-lago. He held a massive fundraiser for Trump in 2020. I’m willing to be that is the elephant in the room… The Brit’s hate Trump and I can’t imagine both parents being thrilled at their son marrying into that family.

  11. Nanny pusher

    Vic better watch out before Nicola pushes her down the stairs like she did with her nanny!


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