She’s back!!

Jul 19, 2022

From: Jesus Jugs

Subject: She’s back

Spill It to
Jesus jugs has signed on for RHOC Season 17. She will film as a friend of the show. Newbie will be filming but full time decisions on newbies are never made until production is wrapped.

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allegedly from


  1. Emgem

    Alexis Jesus jugs Bellino.

  2. BL

    Honestly, I’m here for this. I think she can get a little spicy and may let loose more without that god awful husband around holding her back.

  3. Just say'n

    I just wish they would fire Gina I’m sure she needs the paycheck but her story is not why ppl watch these Hw shows

  4. Titsmcgee

    That a**wipe Jim is not restraining her anymore so I’m here for Jesus jugs


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