OC casting!

Jun 18, 2022

From: O C
Email: thequietwoman@orangemail.com

Subject: OC Casting

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Expect OC casting news very soon!! Fans will be happy to know that Gina has received a friend contact and will not be full time, similar to Jackie on NJ. everyone else is back although oranges will be decided based on performance. Two newbies are joining the show and expect an unexpected face to return! This will be the biggest cast OC has had, a direction a lot of other franchises have gone in.

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  1. The Real OC

    Ugh I’d rather have Gina over Dr Jenn ANY DAY. Noella can go too ?

    • CC79

      1000% agree

  2. Emilt714

    We can still find Gina is heathers a$$hole I’m sure. GIRL BYE. Take Emily with you TBH.

  3. Say No to the Dubrows

    No one wants fancy pants! Especially since learning she sabotaged Tamra coming back when Tamra begged for them to hire Heather again. The shade

  4. Meg

    Better be Tamra.

  5. Out with the old

    I haven’t tunned into OC for the last 2 seasons. Honestly they need some younger ladies. I’d love to see Audrina Patridge. Like that age group lol.

  6. Putter

    I’m guessing the ‘unexpected face’ is Tamara. Kelly Dodd mentioned something on Jeff Lewis Live (Sirius XM). Tamara, a guest that day, was very quiet. She didn’t confirm nor deny.

  7. Karen

    I hope this is right about Gina!!!

  8. Boorah

    Ugh, if Tamra or Vicki come back, I’m done with this show. Also disappointed Emily and Gina are still on there at all. Jen needs to go. Tbh I’d ditch everyone except Shannon and Noella. They actually bring entertainment. The rest? Yawn off.

  9. Real life OC HW

    The last blind I read said Gina was out totally, and Alexis, Gretchen, and MKE were all coming back but only one would get an Orange based on performance. That was exciting to me. I didn’t watch this season and I’m not sure if I’ll watch the new one. Heather makes it unwatchable.


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