Jersey Shore…

Jul 13, 2022

We know filming has stopped. We’re hearing there’s no huge scandal. The cast just wasn’t bringing the heat to the shore. Production feels there’s time to make it right by swapping out a couple cast members. Allegedly.


  1. Mary

    Send them to retirement!!! Coming from an OG fan, this has run its course.

    • Pauly D

      This is the new show though, not the OGs! No one to retire yet!!

  2. Snookie

    Is this literally the Jersey shore or did you mean RHONJ?

  3. Not the IG show

    It’s the New Jersey Shore Reboot. Look at the post before this one. There’s a whole article about it. Not the original cast. Not RHONJ. This is about a New Jersey Shore spin off that was set to tape in Atlantic City. New cast entirely


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