Jersey Shore X RHONJ !!

May 19, 2022


Subject: Jersey Shore x RHONJ

Spill It to Bravoand Jersey Shore 2.0 is coming with a whole new young cast (filming to start in July). The original cast is pissed, they all are retweeting the same statement – but some Jersey housewives may be excited! Casting has reached out to Frankie Catania & Gia Giudice to be on the reboot and trying to get their friends too. They’re also looking heavily in Staten Island for cast members too. Get ready to go back to 2009 with this Jersey Italian reality tv era coming back in full swing . Between this reboot & the 2 newbies on RHONJ Season 13 (Rachel & Danielle). Danielle Cabral was actually almost on Jersey Shore back in the day, making it to final interview – but Deena got the part instead

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  1. Tess

    Can’t stand Gia – she’s becoming Teresa 2.0.

    • Amanda


    • Lisa

      Omg I agree. She’s so rude. Can’t take her

  2. Gym, tan, take a nap

    This is absolutely the right move for MTV. The original Jersey shore was the best but They can’t hang like they use to. A new cast would be great especially if Gia and Frankie get cast!

  3. Jen

    I think they should replace the cast of RHONJ with the Jersey Shore cast.

  4. No more gia

    Oh god I honestly don’t know if I can take Gia anymore. Stop trying to make gia happen

  5. HBT

    I never watched the original but I totally would watch if Frankie were on it. Gia for sure could hold her own and start some ish if she had to.

  6. Stop trying to make fetch happen

    I am/was a fan of Jersey Shore. Just took it for what it was. A bunch of nonsense. However I believe they struck gold with the original cast and won’t be able to recreate it no matter what.

  7. Nancy

    Gia? Wouldn’t all that plastic melt in the heat?

  8. KBK

    Can’t stand Gia! Count me out if she’s invovled

  9. NotGia

    F*** Gia. Way over her.

  10. Beppy

    Omg so tired of all the Italian trash representing NJ. Enough already. They act like ignorant buffoons. Fyi NJ has more to offer than these plastic stereotypes on steroids. Especially Gia and Frankie.

    • Jcgirly1

      It is weird that Jersey has this association with being so heavily Italian, when I lived in Jersey City has the most diverse population in the US. Every day on the Path train I heard at least 3 different languages being spoken. So much more than Italian Americans in Jersey.

  11. Who said dat

    Casting Gia would be awful. A truly terrible decision because she’ll always be worried about how she’s presenting herself, as she’d have to represent the Guidice name in a way that Teresa would approve of. She’d never get stupid drunk or anything fun. She wouldn’t be authentic at all. Same with Frankie tbh

  12. Jane

    No to Gia. And not just because I can’t stand her but there is no way she would work on that show. Can you imagine her bringing guys back from the club or going into the smush room? No, she would be way too calculated and not be real enough. Get unknown people and stop trying to force Gia on us

  13. MwithanE

    Jersey shore was brilliant because the cast truly did not give a fuck. The days before Instagram etc… I don’t think it could ever be that good again because people like Gia care way too much about their look and image.. like Jersey shore is about being a young mess, no room for a glam squad. Right???


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