Wonder what happened?!

May 7, 2022

From: Anon Anon
Email: wonder@childhood.com

Subject: Wonder what happened?

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I saw your repost about the childhood actor….he’s a nightmare to work with. He screams and belittles people on the production staff, and there’s also Harvey Weinstein type stuff, expect it to start to come to light now. His behavior from his Netflix show was made public and those in the business know that this is actually not a shock, I’m surprised more women haven’t come forward yet. Since he was a teenager there have been reports of harassment. It is amazing that he has been protected all these years. He does have great team around him, settlement’s and payouts and it always went away. Over twenty years of the same behavior and yet he thrived in Hollywood. Word is he picked the wrong person to mess with, someone better connected. Ship is sunk.

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  1. MM

    These brands that strike commercial deals with actors better start including a clause that if they get outted for being dirtbags, they have to pay for the commercial that will need to be cancelled. He just did one with his brother ?

    • BravoBravo

      Ftr I’ve been on a few of those commercial sets and never saw this behavior. that doesn’t mean someone else did and I just wasn’t around at that time, but both times it was a close set and was around this person for most of the day…also to your point- yes there are morals clauses like that in contracts.

  2. Winnie Cooper

    Ben Savage – wonder years reboot

    • K


      • Winnie Cooper

        I knew his svu episode was too believable ?

  3. 777

    Fred savage ?

  4. A

    Savage! This is so sad

  5. Jen

    Not Kevin Arnold?!?

  6. Mr. Arnold

    Living up to his last name

    • Heidi

      Wonder what happened to him when he was a kid coming up in this industry? Probably molested! Not excusing what he does now!

      • Daniela

        There’s some video out there with him hanging with Bryan Singer when he was younger. Anything’s possible.

  7. Anna

    I saw a post that said the original show was canceled because there was a sexual harassment case against him. He wouldn’t stop asking someone out ?‍♀️

  8. Cory and Topanga 4ever

    I always thought that Topanga episode in Boy Meets World felt too real/not acting

    • B

      Fred’s brother played Cory. Fred is from the wonder years.

      • Amanda

        Yeah… and in their college years Fred Savage played one of their college professors that everyone loooved.

  9. Cringe

    It’s always the most unfortunate looking ones that manage to have the audacity!

    • Tee

      This comment has made my day ???

  10. Erin

    Anyone else remember when he played the bad professor on Boy Meets World?

  11. Linds

    Anyone see that lifetime movie where he’s a high school student who beats his girlfriend (played by Candace Bure)?

    • H

      What movie is this??


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