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Sep 10, 2022

From: About That
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Subject: There was a deal…

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He’s “exposing” them now because they had a 20 year deal. 20 years ago they weren’t anything like they are now! so it made sense. It expired. Basically they need to pay up, which clearly they can but out of spite they don’t want to. Shutting him up is the smart move. His number is high . Who gets the last laugh?

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  1. Sarah BORRELLI

    Damn! Gettem RAY J

    • Justice for Ray J

      They deserve to be exposed! Kris JUST lied about this again on tv the other day. I’m glad he’s finally telling the truth.

  2. Heidi

    Ray J

  3. Jmac

    RayJ and the Kardashians

  4. WYKYK

    RayJ and the kartrashians.

  5. brandi

    ray j and kim k

  6. Leanne

    Get the truth out there Ray J. And then get that $$$$$$

  7. Watching Ray Give Ye Vibes

    So he’s mad that he signed a bad deal?! Like what?? So they all signed the same deal but because they spun their negative into a “positive” he wants to be cashed out! Damn near extortion!

  8. Worry about taking your sister’s keys

    Ray J is pathetic. Also no one cares that it was planned. We all assumed it anyway. Move on.

    • M

      I care that it was planned. Expose away, Ray J!

    • Mel

      It doesn’t matter that they weren’t truthful about selling the sex tape, but it matters that they made it look like ray j was the bad guy, essentially putting revenge porn out there. If his version is true, he has every right to expose and clear his name.

    • Coco

      No a lot of people would be interested to hear the truth. Maybe their easily-influenced “fans” don’t care, but I’m interested in hearing their lies be exposed.

  9. The Water

    They really drive all their men to insanity though, don’t they?

  10. Juicy

    We already knew this. Kris saw an opportunity and pimped her daughter out.


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