Left with a girl…

Apr 22, 2022

Text from image:

At the same bar as Louis. 

He left with a girl. 

I asked him if he was Loui and he said no. 


Savannah!! I’m here for a Bach party. 

Him and Hannah are definitely broken up haha

Louis from southern charm savannah not crazy Jersey Louis


  1. SouthernCharmer

    Pretty sure they’ve been broken up for years now. I don’t even think Hannah lives in Savannah anymore

  2. Southern Charmer

    I think they split years ago and Hannah doesn’t even live in Savannah anymore

  3. GA Peach

    I matched with him on bumble. We are actually from the same hometown in GA. All he wanted me to do was send him nudes and then go to Savannah to see him. I had no clue who he was when we matched, he didn’t mention anything about who he was. I was showing my sister his messages saying he was older and acting like this. She told me who he was, I looked him up and unmatched. He’s a skeez, just wants nudes, sex and then to move to the next.


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