Not an upgrade from muppet mouth?!


  1. Brava

    I give them a year. She claims they’re going to be bi coastal. Yeah good luck with that.

  2. Erica

    She went for too much too soon with him because she knew Austen was going to be on Winter House and have a hot girlfriend. She didn’t want to be shown up.

  3. De Queen Bee

    She’ll stay with him until the next step up comes around. She’s def a climber with no fear of heights!

  4. Kay

    I was nervous that this was gonna be about Carl. But honestly not shocked by this. There is a reason that Charleston men are known as “Peter Pan”.

  5. JWE22

    She took it a step too far in trying to get Austen back by saying yes. I doubt she will go through with it.

  6. with tea in charleston

    this relationship will not last. lots of cracks already

  7. Real World

    I miss Cameron

  8. Erin

    Y’all, he honestly looks like if Craig and Austen had a baby and I hate it.


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