On National TV ?!

Mar 9, 2022


  1. Noel

    I was SO grossed out by that scene! That poor girl should have never been put in that position. Jen is absolute trash for doing that to her daughter.

  2. Mikko

    I am so o confused. Which Jen? Which franchise?

    • DollyPardonMe

      Jen Aydin from New Jersey

  3. HBT

    OMG she has older boys?! I thought Gabby was the oldest and that was why as gross as it is. Wow those poor kids. All bc mom wanted to be on TV

  4. Nancy

    That felt like exploitation. Should have left her kids to deal with it off camera.

  5. Slava Ukraini

    Margaret shouldn’t have even been mentioned in Jen’s conversation with her children about their father’s affair. That’s some horrible parenting right there.

    • Trish

      THIS!!! She talked about “what Margaret did to me”. It was BILL that did it, and clearly he or the woman talked, or Jen didn’t keep it to herself after all.

  6. D

    Wants to punish the dad.

  7. Christina

    A lot of people are feeling bad for Jen this season (especially on twitter) & i get it her getting cheated on is terrible. But i find her quite dramatic for something that happened 10 years ago & thought it was odd about the conversation with her daughter. I 100% think its for sympathy & to change the narrative into Marg being the aggressor when Jen cuts everyone to the core. She more than willingly snooped to find out the name of the women she said Jackie’s husband was having an affair with “out of curiosity”. No girl you just wanted to keep that story line going meanwhile you have cheating in your own backyard (HENCE why Marg called you out for being hypocritical) that you personally wouldn’t want the world to see. Jen has kids well so did Jackie. Did Jen care about Jackie’s kids? No, she just wanted to keep it going & to PROVE it was true to make herself feel better for her own husbands infidelity. And don’t get me started on how she treated her mom. I want to feel bad for her but shes just gross on the inside.

    • J


    • Chris


    • LisaM


    • Amy


    • Kristen


  8. Wallace

    Jen’s first season, Marge called out that Bill was sleeping in the pool house which ‘hit the nerve’ with Jen A. I think Marge and everyone in town knew back then about the affair / affairs. I don’t believe she and Bill never discussed it and I don’t think it was only once.


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