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Apr 1, 2022

Some more info about Juicy’s opinion. So he didn’t want his girls living with her new boyfriend/fiancé however the financial burden of owning the home and needing to sell to split assets etc. played a big factor. She made it seem like. What choice did she have? If he wanted his settlement / money she had to sell and move and it made sense to move in with him. So he may have an opinion on the guy but he also needed and received his money. The whole thing is a mess. Allegedly.


  1. They both lie to much

    I thought he gave her the house in the clear because she paid back all the restitution they owed while he was in prison

    • Liars R Us?

      Came here to say the same thing!

    • Brittney

      That’s what I thought too.

  2. Just say'n

    So sad that Joe’s gut feeling says “I don’t want my daughters living in the same house as this guy” yet you and your wife have gotten yourselves into such a financial mess that you have to push those feelings aside in order to get your money. Your children should ALWAYS come first. Teresa should have rented something within her means until she gets married.

    • Bobbi Rossi

      So worried for all Teresa’s girls being forced to live with him… 😭

  3. April

    I would think she has more than enough money to buy a home. Maybe not enough to live up to her standards 🙄.


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