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Apr 13, 2022

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Filming is set to start in June for RHONJ. BUT NO contracts have been handed out. One of Marge’s friends is being tested and a woman who would join as Teresa’s friend. There’s also a third girl, a wild card!

I’ll send the Instagram names I have separate, keep that to yourself. There is nothing firm for a wedding spin-off. They want that in the show!

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  1. Bravo Bravo effing Bravo

    So the other post isn’t about Teresa? Cause this one makes it look like she’s staying 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I was hoping she’s out

  2. Lock her up

    Doesn’t anyone else think Teresa has to go? How can she keep getting away with the violence?

    • Lisa H

      I agree! How is she allowed to just trash the restaurant and yell profanities and other inappropriate things?? She should be charged with vandalism at the very least.

      • Ladies don't act like that.

        She should have at least been thrown of the place. I’m sure bravo paid for whatever damage was done, but her behavior is unexcusable. Soon I hope rather later this came come back and bite Andy Cohen and bravo in the butt. I hope it does in a way. They need to learn that violence IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    • Eat crow Teresa

      I would love to see the narcissistic, hypocritical, inarticulate Teresa gone from television. ALL television. However, Bravo likely cares more about the money & viewers as a result of the wedding, and if the wedding was called off, more viewers would watch (and ENJOY watching Teresa eat crow).

  3. Burst Love Bubble

    Dear lord PLEASE don’t make me watch Teresa’s wedding next season. I’ve had about all I can take of her.

    • Marge the Third

      Agreed! But I think they’ll do the wedding then she’ll be out!

  4. Xtina

    I hope bravo & Andy reads this because Teresa sucks I can’t take another season of her ugh

  5. Tre Hugger

    Looks like Teresa isn’t going anywhere 👑

  6. Krys C

    For all the Teresa needs to go people….she’s not going anywhere she IS RHONJ. There is no show without her lol

  7. Sinnn

    Teresa IS THIS SHOW. Ppl need to stop hating and appreciate her for what she is – really good tv!!! This is what happened with vanderpump rules now that show is plummeting. Everyone wanted jax and stassi out but they didn’t realize that those 2 literally made that show

  8. OGs

    Marge and Melissa’s ONLY storyline is Teresa and bringing up the rumors

    It makes for amazing tv and Marge produces a storyline like this better than anyone could, but without Tre they’d have nothing and the season would be lame AF

    …like any other season of the show would have been without Tre and her feuds and dramatic reactions

    Tre isn’t going anywhere and the show would be done without her


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