Special guest at the reunion!!

Mar 29, 2022

Subject: A HW’s Child Will Be Making a Guest Appearance Somewhere Soon

Spill It to Bravoand Cocktails.com: As this housewives show prepares to film its latest reunion, I have it on good authority to reveal that one of the housewife’s children has been invited to make a guest appearance during filming. Producers feel because they have been involved with some of the adult drama more so than ever in the history of the show this season (and will continue to be as the season progresses), producers feel they should hear their side of things. Why they have chosen to get more involved, how it felt, where they stand with the other adults etc.

Last time a housewife’s child made an appearance during this show’s reunion was back in 2012 (almost 10 years ago). So this reunion to say the least will be interesting when they take their seat right next to their mother. Her take will definitely stir things up even more, I guarantee it!

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  1. BravoBusta


    • Kristi

      But Vicki’s daughter Brianna has been at reunions and I don’t think that was 2012

      • Erin

        It says “during this show”. RHOC & RHONJ are different shows.

    • Karen

      Ugh, Gia

      • Caroline Reuasou

        Your name says why you are mad

  2. Eyeroll

    Stay out of it, Gia.

    • Eyeroll indeed

      Amen to that. please keep in a kid’s role where she belongs and not all over my screen as a wannabe mini housewife

      • Katie

        Couldn’t have been 2012.. Brianna was on the reunion show after that with all the brooks drama.

    • Khloe

      I think this is all about money for gia… she is practicing her acting skills to further her career. She could care less about any of this and it is pretty clear her and her siblings aren’t completely sold on Luis either… I feel like they are all a ticking time bomb.

  3. Molly

    Obvi Gia

    • Jenna

      Ashlee is the 2012, I believe.

      • Mads

        Lauren Manzo was at reunion in 2013

  4. Boo

    Gia, good for her. Love seeing her!

    • Tits McGee

      Gia go away. And that’s false. Brianna was heavily involved in OC especially with Brooks

  5. Meg

    Must be Gia. Briana made an appearance on multiple OC reunions, both in defense and against her mom, so why is this such a big deal?

  6. Christina

    I believe Vicki Gulvason’s daughter Brianna was brought out during the time when Brooks’ cancer scandal was the center of it all, that had to be after 2010!!

  7. Lucky Luis

    God, haven’t we been subjected to enough of Tre and her dorters?

  8. King

    It’s obvious that it’s Gia. It’s annoying because the second any lady responds to her it’s “messy and inappropriate” yet she’s allowed to stick her nose into their business? Yea…no! Her and her dumb as rocks mom can go! 😴🥱

  9. Vanessa

    Not a girl, not yet a woman. This is what I see when I see Gia. She has the attitude of a teenager with some semi logically moments thrown in there. But would rather her not be at the reunion 😆

  10. Thick as thieves

    Gotta be Gia… I’m getting tired of her self-righteousness. She really thinks that her stuff don’t stink and her Mommy and Daddy are saints. It’s like, have you watched ANY of the show?!? Ugh.

    • Andy

      Gia. Because Teresa is making her come on to defend Luis against her own brother.

  11. Just say'n

    Caroline Manzo’s daughter Lauren has also appeared.

  12. KBK

    Gia and her mother are so annoying. It’s pathetic at this point. Go to college and get out of your moms drama!

  13. Gia pet

    Ha! I find Gia annoying. People are like, oh Gia, so wise beyond her years… smarter than her mom. Nah I don’t think so.

    Ashley, Jacqueline’s daughter, was the other kid mentioned… for RHONJ. Breanna was on a different HW show. Reading is fundamental. A lot of you don’t seem to do that well based on the comments you leave

  14. Yawn

    She’s going to be too afraid to say anything that Teresa doesn’t align with or agree with, just like on WWHL 🙄

  15. Nicole

    It is obviously Gia. And I think it was completely gross on last night’s episode that Theresa felt compelled to involve her in the name calling. Poor girl. Don’t learn how to be a lunatic that can’t communicate like a grown woman based on your mother. She clearly has issues communicating and letting anyone have a difference of opinion. Save yourself from the social disaster your mother is.

  16. AV

    If I talked to adults the way Gia talked to Margaret and her uncle, my mom would have popped me one. and I’m from NY.


    Brianna is a reasonable person. Gia is not.


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