He’s notorious….

Jan 13, 2022

Courtesy of @yourmomsarewatching . That actor, it was common and well known behavior. Allegedly.


  1. Reality junkie

    That makes me sad that it wasn’t spoken about because it was common then. Imagine all of the women that had to endure this from not only him, but other men.
    As a SATC fan, the image of Mr. Big Is ruined. The actor himself is at the very least ruined career wise.

  2. Carla

    So sad and like SJP and the others knew and just let it go…

    • Anon

      He probably didn’t do it in front of his boss or to his boss

  3. Panda

    I am not condoning his behavior, but the world was a different place 20 yrs ago. The "rules" and "expectations" were different. I certainly would have expected him to behave the way people are saying he did. I don’t understand why it is a thing now. How has his behavior been since let’s say 2015?

    • Tejanana


    • nah

      you’re disgusting

    • JonB

      Sexual assault was not okay in 2014, nor in 2004, nor in 1994, nor ever. And he and everyone else who engages in that behavior deserves the consequences they receive.

      • Panda

        Never said sexual assault was OK. I’m saying if we hold people to today’s standards for what they did 20 yrs ago, there wouldn’t be any men left. I mean for fuck’s sake…in 2016 we elected a sexual predator to the presidency.

    • Thatsjustmyopinion

      By finding an excuse for this behavior, you are condoning what he did.

  4. Kristy

    I am loving this “party girl in the 90’s” description. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Heather Gay

    Using your clout to get laid is not sexual assault.


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