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Jun 3, 2022

Thoughts ?! Which team are you on?


  1. Samantha reboot

    SJP definitely has Karen energy. Why comment your condolences on someone’s instagram EVEN AFTER they make it clear that they don’t want you around.

    SJPs new “response” is late and calculated 100%

    • BFB

      100% I love SJP but let it go! Just stop talking about Kim

  2. JK

    SHP had been in several films and was as known or more than Kim. Also the construct of SATC was a narrator which was the Carrie (SJP) character so … the focus even with an ensemble.

    • Jeanine Curtis

      Prior to SATC, SJP was known for the short-lived series Square Pegs, and the sidekick friend of Lori Singer in Footloose. Most of her success prior to that was on Broadway.

      Catrall was known for Porky’s, Police Academy, Mannequin, and Bonfire of the Vanities w/ Tom Hanks.

      Both were well known, but probably entirely different demographics in their fan bases.

      • Ellen

        SJP was totally a more known entity. She had first wives club and hocus pocus and Miami rhapsody and others. She was cast as the star of the show

  3. Bk

    SJP had lots of movies under her belt when SATC started. She was a household name, in my opinion. So saying Kim was a “certified” star and implying SJP wasn’t is odd. Maybe she was a bitch about her brother dying, but the star stuff is a red flag.

    • Howling in the Stinky Locker Room??

      Agree. I mean, Kim Cattrall, what – Porky’s?? Calling her a certified star is quite a reach.

  4. Liz

    Seriously whoever is writing SJP wasn’t very known didn’t watch the original airings of Square Pegs and everything else after. SJP was established way before SATC and Hocus Pocus.

    • DanceTv

      I mean if you ask me Girls Just Want To Have Fun has always been much greater than a Kim C movie. Give me a break!

  5. WYKYK

    SJP had a full resume before SATC, so I call BS on that. Everyone speaks highly of her (cast and crew). Not so good re: Kim. Kim nailed the role of Samantha, but Carrie was the focal point. I have met SJP, she is lovely.

  6. Cinephile

    A few other comments are saying this. But to double down…SJP was a bigger start than Kim. Both lots of films before but everyone knew who SJP was over Kim. SJP has been a lead in movies since she was a kid. And then she ALSO had Broadway. So seems to be more famous when adding that. No side or knowledge to add on this other drama…just don’t try to say Kim was a bigger star when is so far from the truth.

  7. Yasin

    I don’t understand why everyone is missing the point. Not once in her calculated response did SJP deny anything Kim is saying. She’s very specifically pointed out no one else has accused her of this behavior. She doesn’t say that Kim is wrong or that she’s lying or anything. So take that as you will

  8. Pelo fan

    Regardless of their relationship. In rral life. Samantha MADE the show. She was the sex and the city. Carrie was a bore

  9. Carrie Diaries

    This makes NO sense. SJP was in tons of movies prior to SATC and was the bigger name. Compare there IMDBs. Besides SJP should have been paid more she was the lead and a producer. The stuff with her brother dying was 2018, the last movie was 2010.

  10. Nana

    Bitter middle aged women still complaining about same stuff……wah Wah Wah.


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