Charming on Raya

Dec 29, 2021

Sent via form submission from Bravo and Cocktails Name: Not single But dating Email: Subject: It’s true Text Area: I can confirm that S. , was on Raya looking for love. Some people say li, knew and was okay with it but my cousin is friends with her and they almost broke up over it. She forgave him again.


  1. Michelle

    Shep & Taylor

  2. Southern Charm

    Shep and Taylor

  3. Kristy

    She is playing the long game.

  4. Cara

    What could be that great about him? She’s young, beautiful and seems sweet.

    • Jan

      Taylor needs to move forward , he will never change , I am over 60 and there are men still single and trolling for young women

  5. Lulu

    He legit must be hung like a donkey or have a vibrating tongue.

    • Alex

      Lololol and I’m sure the fact he can get her on tv doesn’t hurt either.

    • Jj

      Or his trust fund

    • Youeeediot

      He strikes me as THE LAZIEST ever in bed. I think its just a ‘small town/connection’ thibg

  6. J

    She’ll do the same thing that Raquel did, overlook his cheating and bad behavior until she secures her own spot on Southern Charm then she’ll dump him.

    • Amanda


  7. Kimberly B

    She wants to follow in the footsteps of Madison. Date a guy on the show, put up with the bs, secure her spot on the show and then leave. Go back, then leave again. Or his trust fund is worth putting up with this crap. Shep is NOTHING special, Taylor, why?! He has Peter Pan syndrome, and he’ll keep doing it because she always forgives him. There must be something keeping her there. I’d be like knock me up already so I can dump your a$$ and get that child support, like Kathryn. ?


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