And just like that….big problems

Dec 31, 2021

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allegedly from


  1. N

    Good, SATC never should have came back the way it did!

  2. Soula

    It’s not because of the allegations. Show sucked!

  3. Mbb

    Doubtful that’s the reason…..I mean he’s dead. (Character and actor’s career. )

  4. MwithanE

    Am I the only one who doesn’t hate AJLT? I’m not saying it’s amazing but it’s cheesy but fine… way better than the movies ….. anyway, I don’t believe he would be the reason. He died, his character wouldn’t be apart of it.

    • Liv

      Thank you! It’s not that bad and it’s tackling realistic issues…I don’t know what people expected. …and yeah the dude is dead so what’s the problem (from a show perspective)? I’m lost. #gimmeanotherseason

      • MwithanE

        Even if it’s not the best show ever I would watch another season too!

    • Sarah

      Totally agree! I think they are finally hitting their groove with the latest episode.

  5. Rose17

    I so wanted to love this show, but it’s HORRIBLE. It’s so, so cringey. Please do cancel

  6. Texasbravo

    Using Chris as the excuse when they don’t get picked up for season 2

  7. APalm11

    The show is so cringey and absolutely unwatchable. They’re just using Noth as an excuse for their crappy “ woke” storylines that aren’t working

    • Clementine

      I agree it’s terrible, but the storylines have zero to do with Noth. You do realize this was filmed months ago, right?

      • Britbravo

        Yes I think that’s what the OP is saying, that the storylines are terrible but they’re using the excuse for cancelling of Noth

  8. Cristen

    No loss. No one wants to watch “woke” tv

  9. Jeanine Curtis

    Since they killed off his character in Season one, there’s no basis for blaming him for the reboot fail.
    SJP just doesn’t want to acknowledge that the real failure here is the writing and the absence of Kim Catrall.

    • Skeeter

      AMEN ?

  10. Samantha DeBoer

    They were once women you wanted to be, but now they are are nothing to aspire to. Blaming Noth is just juvenile.


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