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        Thoughts on last night’s RHOSLC?

        I heard and believe that Heather’s eye was an accident. What do you guys all think?

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          Saw that it was an accident from a cameraman? That would make sense!

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            Totally…people are saying they think someone did it and I’m like what?! I feel like THAT wouldve been leaked lol

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              I agree, I think if there was foul play or an altercation we would have heard more about it by now.

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                Last nights episode was so weird… I’m here for the drama, but I’m soo confused by Heather. She’s not making any sense! The black eye, what she said about Angie and how she should have “forgotten” that she heard about the SEC filing. I like the season as a whole but I’m irritated by Heather thinking she can outrun the show and talking about things just because she doesn’t want to.

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                    Heather definitely knows what happened. I agree with everyone that said this would’ve been leaked by now. It’s so cringy how Heather tried to create a false illusion that someone in the group was either a.) a witness to it or b.) the person responsible for the black eye.

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                      Heather used to be my fav of all time. But she has lost that genuine part of her or something. The black eye thing is SO weird

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                        I don’t know the botched Botox storyline makes the most sense to me

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                        Paige Palmer

                          Botched Botox has been debunked. Imo heather walked into a door.








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                            Who would have thought that after two seasons of being the fan favorite, that Heather has taken a tumble (metaphorically speaking…not about the eye lol).

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