Shahster Sheister

Nov 19, 2021

This season on his long running reality show he was up to his old ways. The same cheating stuff he did to his ex wife. Instead of leaving him she accepted his proposal. He is worse than ever now and she turns the other way. She’s wealthy and he is in it for the money. Wonder what will happen when filming begins and his costars inevitably expose him, again. Allegedly.


  1. Alissa Andersen

    I mean…. Mike Shouhed and no one is shocked

  2. K Davis

    God. Soooooo The same story line as last season then. He really is disgusting. It’s sad to see his current gf has done so much to her body and face since they began dating. He’s beaten her down with his words and gaslighting. So she’s changing to try and make him love her. Sad. And gross.

  3. Winelovingmom87

    When is Mike gonna get put in his place ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ He’s so gross.

    • Lauren from Utah

      Seriously!!! He needs to be put in his place Paulina looks stupid

      • Winelovingmom87

        She really does. It’s painful to watch.


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