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        Hi Cocktailers! I’m curious how everyone feels about Mia from RHOP? I keep hearing people hate on her but I feel like she’s so messy and it makes great tv!

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          For me, last season and the first few episodes of this season, I could not stand Mia. Over the past few episodes, I have found her entertaining. When she compared Candiace and Ashley’s friend, I was dying. In that moment, my opinion of her changed. After that, she hasn’t annoyed me too much. I’ve always thought she was cringey. To me it felt like she was trying too hard. Maybe she finally figured out her place in the show?

          If she continues with this energy, I hope she gets another chance next season.

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            I’m on the fence with her…I don’t love her, but she does make good TV. I think she does try a little too hard at times which irks me, but I honestly think the Potomac cast is one of the best. I think they all bring something unique to the show.

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              I feel like she’s finally finding her footing on the show and is starting to make connections with the ladies. It just took time to click!

              Honestly, the person I’m not loving this season is Karen! Is that a hot take? Lmao

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                I cannot stand Mia. I liked her at first but now she is too much and she never makes any damn sense!!!

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