Oct 16, 2022

Well I can tell you what to expect from Miami and the trailer….It’s like 3 min long. Dramatic. They insinuate Julia cheated on Martina

Larsa confronts her Julia says I heard you made out with a man then a scene where Martina Julia and daughter sitting at home table Martina confronting

It’s heavy on the Lisa divorce

allegedly from


  1. AP

    I mean.. duh, we all saw the trailer. Anyone who saw it can tell you the above. How is this “tea”?

  2. GA not VIP

    I was there in 2nd row and Lisa was tearing up watching the trailer. It was so sad.

    She also said Lenny is keeping the house….

  3. Wanda

    How did dull Miami HW get renewed? Hopefully, the show has been recast. Miss Joanna and Lea.


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