I work at a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale . We get requests from all of the reality shows to film and we are just too busy and the production companies are too cheap. They only want to pay $15 per person (no) and want to block off tables (again, no) and we cannot work around them. Plus some of the shows are too trashy so we say no to everyone. We do get all of the Bravolebs in anyway. Also, we get a lot of real A Listers (the Beckhams for example) that we don’t want to weird out. Funnily enough, the lower the celebrity the douchier the behavior. Henry Cavill not only tipped every single one of our employees but were super kind and gracious. . Big Ed wanted red ropes around his table and his bodyguards comped. Chef Ben from Below Deck would walk around the restaurant waiting for someone to recognize him so they would buy his drinks.