We’re back from vacation and ready to rant. Bethenny Frankel has Rachel Leviss, fresh out of treatment, on her podcast to tell her side of the story. We recap and react to parts 1 and 2. What do we think Bethenny’s real motivation is with this Reality TV Reckoning? And we sprinkled in a few tangents on drug store makeup, RHOC and the RHONY reboot.

Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from problem cocktails.com. And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. Be. And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip
What’s up cocktail hours? Hey, talk Taylor’s Hey, baby. I mean, Amanda, I’m really ready to go on rants multiple rants. I know because because we haven’t recorded in a couple of weeks. So we’ve been saving them up for you guys. And we haven’t really even talked too much either because B was out of the country. So I let’s let’s let’s strap ourselves in. Let’s go because I think this is gonna be a good one. Remind me to tell you the funny thing about what I saw when I was in the Bahamas that you will every all of you guys will laugh at I actually posted it but my stories are hidden guys. If you listen to our podcast, please make sure to save Bravo and cocktails to your favorites. Katerina and Lenny Hochstein decided to report me and I got a story taken down. And when that happened, luckily, they didn’t shut down my account. But
my stories are like the views are very low. And it’s because they like kind of hide you in the algorithm. So you’d have to search for me. And if you add me to your favorites, I think that that problem goes away because Amanda says she’s see me. Yeah, I saw him if we’re your favorite address, please Was it because you insulted his shoes. It was.
It was the Aviva, quite frankly, are both white trash. And as I was posting it, I was like, Ed, but you know what you never know. And you can’t not be funny ever to write it. So write well. And hopefully, like it’ll, it’ll sort itself out and kind of go away like these things on Instagram, generally tend to do. Well, now I’m scared of Bethany because I have followers saying that she blocked them. So she’s paying attention to followers with, you know, like, personal accounts with a few 100 people. I’m sure she’s paying attention to all of us. Bravo gossip accounts. So but you know what, I’m going to mention it at all because I can’t not and Yeah, exactly. So like, let’s, let’s talk about it like
she’s been all over the place. I mean, first of all, she was sucking her fingers and eating crab. And she was, that was the most obnoxious video. But I couldn’t stop watching. There’s also another point that a follower said to me about that, which I found very interesting. And I’m going to share now because it’s just a morsel of the cake that we’re now watching as it bakes. So, she has a fish allergy. So what a follower pointed out to me because I’m Dopey and I don’t know he’s like, I’m good at big picture. I’m not always good at detail. I was like no, but her allergy I believe is to like fish like halibut not like shellfish. She was like be there’s no way if you’re eating something like that. There’s no way to know if it’s contaminated with other fish. She’s alone in a hotel room eating something that could have touched something she’s deadly allergic to I know I couldn’t I had the exact same thought because I have a couple of food allergies. And there are foods that I would never, ever just out of worry
eat by myself in a hotel room for exactly that same reason I had the exact same thought as the cocktail or who reached out to you. Because I was like, God, I thought she had a seafood allergy. I guess it’s just one specific kind of fish. But yeah, it’s just one in many inconsistencies. It’s like now she’s posting partnerships with makeup when initially she said she was she was not making her own makeup line, she had no intention of profiting. She simply was having fun, which, you know, we all took at face value. And now she has, she has these brand deals. And there’s speculation that other accounts claim I don’t know if they have proof of it. I don’t have proof of it. But there she’s claiming that she actually has a lot of brand deals and she’s not doing the hashtags ad or whatever. Another follower who works in the FTC will come after so another follower who I know and she does, she works with influencers and stuff was like, I don’t believe this because the FTC, the brands wouldn’t open themselves up to that. So I don’t know that the truth is somewhere in the middle, but we do know that she did say she was not doing it for any sort of brand deal. And we know that now she has brand deals. So
which is fine. I have I have absolutely I myself have brand deals I listen, I have a platform and it’s public. You’d be silly if somebody reaches out to you like liquid IV or whoever may not post and make money if it’s a product that I like, like I do Amazon now. I like you go on Amazon and order a ton of stuff. A lot of the stuff ends up being great. Some of it ends up being okay, and some of it’s crap that you said that you’re right. Yeah. And so like, yesterday, I use voluminous L’Oreal mascara. I have since I’m a teenager, I’ve tried all the fancy ones. It’s the best. I love it. At least for my eyelashes. We all have different, okay, yes, it was four bucks yesterday, which domain like 1599. Now, it used to be four bucks when I was 18. Right? So I shared that deal. Because yeah, and I write affiliate link. Yeah. Am I going to make a small commission with every one sold? Yeah, of course, you’re gonna make a couple bucks. It’s good for me. But it’s also good for my followers. I’m not I’m not going to share something that I don’t know if it’s good, just to you know what I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it. But I’m transparent. And I’ve had followers asked me, Why do you post so many Amazon links? And I say because I have monetized my account over the years. And I do make a commission off of sales. So that’s what it is. Yeah. And you know, like, I think Bethany’s message at least coming out originally it was some of the drugstore stuff is better, because I don’t know about you. I have tried a lot of the $50 mascaras and I keep coming back to cover cover girl LashBlast I think I don’t know I get fake lashes now just because you’re bougie now, wow, in your closet. I’m seeing my closet guys like let’s live your boy on a budget. Let’s
let’s, let’s put things into perspective. I’m not in a custom build podcast studio right now. I have a snoring dog next to me on my closet floor. But I love the Cover Girl and guys, I’m not getting any money from this, but the CoverGirl LashBlast whatever that is you get into Target. It’s definitely under $20 not 50 like some of the more expensive ones are so anyway, I use wet and wild photoflash cover up. I recently bought Christian Dior and returned it to Sephora, because everyone told me it was so good, it did not wear and again it’s all your skin type the photo flesh for me, it’s not too thick. So I don’t like to have like very thick but I used to wear nothing but you know, as you get older, you need to like wear a little bit of foundation. So for me, it’s great. And I remember my daughter who’s eight saw it and she’s like, because they watch all these makeup videos. She’s like, I can’t believe you use one wild like shamed me and I went to Sephora and bought expensive one and I was like this is garbage show. Yeah, we have it. Yeah, I don’t do what’s called Taylor. No, I do concealer. Hell yeah. No, what’s it called the liquid makeup foundation foundation. So I just use toner. I use powder. Because like I have never had the feeling that like it just in it like I always feel like it just doesn’t look right on me. And so and I’ve tried it a few times like if you have dry skin and you use powder it doesn’t work. That’s why I use like a liquid. So they go you probably have oily skin right? Yeah, definitely more on the oil inside and right now it’s like completely broken out and gross because all of the sunscreen on my face like yeah, it just takes a toll at the end of the summer like and I also feel like the sun brings out the imperfections like when we were in the Bahamas, like I had like old bumps. I’m like, What is this? Yeah, I mean, I will I do not let the sun I try to not let it touch my face period. So like my face is always the same color unless I use like a bronzer. But I mean you’re so smart. Here we go guys. Here’s our like makeup. Alright, we got it. We gotta get to the pod because Bethany and Rachel. We’re gonna call her Rachel going forward. This is this is her name. I’m gonna do my best. I’m gonna do my best. I’m gonna call her Rachel. I mean to me
Do whatever she may fall into the Rachelle sometimes just because I never did it on purpose. Right. That was her name. But Rachel, Rachel was on Bethany’s pod. So there’s been there’s a three part interview, we’ve heard parts one and two as of today. What do you think? So the first thing is, was I shocked? No, Bethany is on a mission. And she’s the biggest get right now. So it doesn’t surprise me that she got her something worth that I want to point out at the top of this conversation is we posted a couple weeks ago, our source shared with me that Rachel’s doctor got her out of her contract with Bravo, I guess, I took that to mean mental health, the doctor was able to get her out of the contract. I then had a few people sort of not telling me because they know, but that work in the bids being like that’s not possible. However, based on the things that she shared. And especially the second part of the pod, which we’ll touch on, will clearly be a violation of her contract. So I’m hoping that she did in fact, get out of it. Because if not, Bethany has not only taken advantage of her by not paying her for this podcast interview, which is also interesting, because my source told me that Rachel was shopping around and rightfully so an interview that was paid, I see nothing wrong with her getting money for her interview, Bethany did not pay her. And if you guys listened to it in the 28 Minute, podcast, there were and it’s funny, Kyle cook just like, posted, like, there were so many ads, it was ridiculous. There were like 15 minutes worth of ads, it was like there were 10 minutes worth of talking. So clearly, Bethany is doing this
for a lot of reasons, but she’s not doing it out of the goodness of her heart. If she was she either wouldn’t have ads, or she would have publicly said and you believe you and I and everybody listening knows that if Bethany was paying her, she would have noted that she would have been sure to highlight that. She would have said and I’m not taking advantage. I’m giving her 15% of whatever my whatever. Yes. And I just like this is something I had made a note to talk about kind of later when we talk about some of the Union stuff, but might as well say it now like that is what is insane to me, Bethany. Like why? The level of hypocrisy with her that she’s coming out and talking about exploitation and all of this. And then like, Bethany, you’ve got one more chance if you are paying her, be transparent about it. Tell us, you know what you’re paying her tell us how you’re paying her tell us because you know, as you and I know as podcasters you know, you can get paid for ads a couple of different ways, right? And you can get paid way down the road for listens to your pod that you did a year or two ago. So you know, is Rachel Getting residuals? Is she getting a percentage of ad revenue? Is she getting bonus based on maybe hitting you know, helping Bethany? Increase her following, you know, because like, all of those things would be a legit way to pay Rachel besides just a straight up fee, because Bethany stands much more to gain from this whole situation than Rachel does. Whether or not she is being paid because Bethany is going to gain followers. I mean, for the first time ever, I actually listened to two full episodes of her podcast because I usually can’t get through it. And so you know, here I am. And I you know, I agree with Kyle Cook, do a lot of ads. And that was one of the things as again as a podcaster that I noticed because we try to limit how many ads we have. So that first of all, our advertisers have a better experience and that like our ad inventory doesn’t sound crowded when you guys listen, but number two, so that it’s a great experience for you know, for everybody and that like it’s not again crowded with ads. So yeah, so did Bethany do for Raquel what she is saying right reality television networks should do for their talent. We’re hearing she did not. Bethany also said at one point in the pod. I pay my interns more than you’re paid, which Bethany may not know. But Lisa Vanderpump just now just came up on my Instagram said to TMZ camera Raquel was paid $361,000 for the season of scandal like cry. I don’t know if that was, I don’t know. That’s a lot of money. I don’t know if that was negotiated after the scandal if she made more or if she always was making that whatever it is. That is a lot of money. I would like to make $361,000.
So and we’re gonna get to the Union stuff and all that. But my other pondering was because we know that Bethany has been working with lawyers for this
Whole. What is she calling it reality? Revolution not revolution, whatever she’s calling it awakening redemption, whatever. Yeah. My pondering is did Bethany assist Rachel in getting out of the contract in some way? Did her attorneys help her? I’m just I’m just wondering if maybe, maybe, and maybe that’s why we’re not hearing more about what’s going on because I will say like, so I listened. So first of all, quickly, I had to listen. Even though there’s recaps, I wanted to hear it myself. But I had to listen to it on two times, or 1.75 speed, because for Shell talks so slowly, even at 1.7 or two times speed, it sounds normal. I don’t know how anybody could listen to that on regular speed. But she starts out first in the first first installment of the pod by saying I chose you Bethany. Because you know, my mom says and I say like we know that you know what’s up, and I want to help you reckon with Bethany? Yes, a force to be reckoned with and I want to bring to light time to replace your windows let Pella windows and doors health for over 50 years Pella windows and doors has provided top notch service and beautifully designed products based on a 2024 survey of leading window brands among homeowners Pella is the most preferred window in Denver and was voted a top place to work and 2024. Schedule your free consultation today. Claim your limited time offer a buy one window get one window 50% off and no interest and no payments for 12 months by visiting Pella of denver.com
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This exploitation and so I’m like huh? That was where I had a thought to like, is there more going on? Here? Is Michelle sorry, Rachel, is Rachel going to become the star face of this movement that Bethany is trying to do? And is there some back channel conversation and happenings and some quid pro quo somehow going on from that perspective? You know, it’s interesting, I listened to Carol Roswell on Heather McDonald last week before and she said something and I’m not gonna be able to remember the exact words but she said something like, Bethany does a really good job of presenting as if she’s helping another person or a group of people when in reality, she’s only her only interest is truly to help herself and but she disguises it as yes, she uses the Taylor Swift line, which is
swift covert narcissism disguised as altruism.
So good. I love Carol. This is why like, I just, I listened to it too. I don’t think Carol will ever go back on reality TV, but she was, you know, like she was part of one of the reasons that I feel like those of us who are very intelligent can say, but But look, there’s these. Yes, reality TV is so crazy and weird and bad sometimes. But look, there’s people like Carol on it. I found it interesting that Carol said like if she if she said she wouldn’t do it again. But what she would change going back is that she wouldn’t have been as authentic. And I think that somebody like Sonia, who is smart, someone like Luann I think these people found a way to create and I always say about Sonia.
Personally, yes, like create a version of themselves. That isn’t exactly who they really are. And I think that’s a good way to protect. I also did I mentioned this on the pod I know before Amanda and I hopped on I just posted to my feet of video, because Bethany says in part two to Rachel. I had my therapist, listen and my therapist said that the reunion was just abused towards you. You
wasn’t looking for resolve it was just to rail on you. And there’s a conversation from seasons ago on Roni, when Sonia who had just come out of filing bankruptcy and everything created tipsy girl, Prosecco and Bethany demolishes her. There was no look for resolve, it was just abuse towards her. And at the end, Sonia is crying. And she’s like, I’m, I’m sorry, I just I wasn’t planning on selling millions of dollars. I just was hoping I could get myself out of a hole and maybe some of the local restaurants would buy my Prosecco. It was just a little something. I admire you. And it was I listen, you can understand if Bethany felt betrayed or upset. But the thing for me is, she’s sitting there with Rachel and judging the reactions of people while fully admitting she doesn’t know the show. She doesn’t know their relationships. That reunion was filmed a few weeks after. Now, I do agree that some of the things that were said subhuman, and those things really were I felt it that I feel it now. Yeah, we’ve seen much of the cast actually speak out and say we were really harsh. We were really raw, like we feel bad. As a matter of fact, I posted an email yesterday that says Arianna reached out to Rachel and wanted to meet and resolve it. And Rachel isn’t open to it, which is again, I’m not passing judgment on Rachel not being open to that after the reunion, she may have a genuine fear that it’s going to be another as whupping. So I’m not pet but what I’m saying is that Bethany is speaking as if much less was done to her and situations and she was the aggressor. She did it to Carol. She did it to Sonia, she did it to Ramona, she did it to so many people and so many reality stars do okay. But for her to sit back now in judgment of this group of friends that have known each other for a decade, who had been betrayed by this girl they let into their circle, and to judge their reactions is hypocritical period. Yes. And and like, is there really any difference between Bethany having Rachel on and how we Mandel having Tom on like, none, Tom? I mean, how he is a reality star too, but neither of them watch the show. Like, there’s not like there’s no in my mind, there is no difference. But no, but Bethany is my most show. But if you ask me, it’s almost like you and I both work for L’Oreal, except I work in accounting, and you work in the chemistry lab and making the makeup so there’s no true connection to us other than we work. Our check has the same name on top. So there’s some of the same people, right. Like we had MJ on last week, like she’s tied into a lot of the different shows. She has relationships. She watches it Bethany is not Bethany is Bethany, and she watched Roni when she was on it. Yeah, yeah. I honestly, in the deepest part of my soul, everyone’s like, Is this because a her reality show didn’t pan out? I said it and I’m gonna say it again. I think part of this is, she is so mad, even though she’s not on running anymore. She’s so mad that it’s fresh and new. And there’s these new women that we’re all loving, and I can’t even say how much I’m loving them. I mean, I don’t even know if we’ll be able to get to it on this pod. Because you gotta get into this rant. I’m loving. I’m like, I’m like obsessed with Aaron lychee in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever been with any housewife. I don’t know if it’s because she’s in my age group. And she’s like a New York girl. I want to be her friend in the worst way. I Yeah. And she I have warm much more up to her. I thought at first you just seemed a little like, too cold and whatever. But I’m really actually warming up to her that she’s just like a real person. Like, I again, you guys. It’s been a couple of weeks since we chatted. So we’re gonna be going off the rails a little bit. So like, it’s like we said at the top, just buckle in.
Like I am like, she is like the way that she is grounded in reality, like, not reality TV, but like reality where she’s like, I just can’t even understand these women being so like, I could not even imagine somebody being so rude. If I were hosting all of these women at a White House like it’s, it’s
I think that that was a lot for the camera. I think that they were looking to like make it interesting without having to I don’t know, but I I actually I don’t find her cold. I find her to be like a true New Yorker and I think that she’s a very kind warm person when you know her but I think that she has that naturally like her jaw move. Now, it’s like an aloofness. It’s like some people are born cool. Aaron lychee to me is like born cool. She’s just a cool chick. And I don’t think that she has to try too hard. I think she’s very secure in who she is. I think that’s why she’s willing to call people out. I think that’s why she says something and she doesn’t take it back and she she just kind of
shrugs like Well, that’s how I feel like Jessel I think you’re a little weird. I like Jessel too, by the way, I think she’s great for different reasons. Okay, let’s go back to the pod. Yeah. So we got it. We’ll get into New York maybe next week, because I love it. I agree every one of them in different ways. Yeah. Well, because even in that podcast set with Carol, and Heather, Heather’s like, Oh, I think it’s too slow. And whatever. I’m like, no, like, this is what I like I like about it. It’s like we’re showing more of their actual real lives. And anyway, we can talk more about it. But okay, so let’s talk more about what we covered. So the first part she was like, so the first part,
you know, I didn’t know what to think of it. I was I’m very much in the camp. And I’m very much in the camp of Rachel didn’t go back on the show. She went for help. She made this egregious mistake, she didn’t kill anybody. She isn’t somebody who I think your average person would want as a close friend, because she clearly doesn’t really have a good moral compass, if that’s something that comes into play when you’re picking friends. But she’s not the most terrible person who ever lived. Leave her alone. Now, she chose to go on Bethany’s pod. without compensation, I can’t figure out why unless Bethany convinced her unless she wants to go into a lawsuit thing. Unless she just frankly wants the attention back because it’s because the train is moving and she’s not on it. And she’s realizing, oh, shit is going on fine without me. And there was a long period where myself included, were saying, this is gonna suck without her. And now we’re all seeing Oh, no, it’s coming together, it seems to be we’re all gonna watch. Whatever it is, she did herself no favors. Personally, Rachel is who I feel she was from the time I thought she was going after shores which ended up being a cover up for her going after Sandoval. But I just think that she’s a person who doesn’t know herself very well, who sort of has a very shallow way about her, again, does not make her a terrible person, she just isn’t somebody that I find particularly interesting to watch, or would want to see on a show in any capacity. So that’s what it is, you know, like a wet noodle. Yeah, usually will fuck your boyfriend.
And like, that’s how I felt about her. And that’s how I feel about her. And if she wants to make make herself the victim, I think she also is raised in a very loving home where she’s very spoiled. The second part, she called herself a gift. Listen, I’m a mother, I have two children, I hope my son and my daughter feel that they’re a gift. I think it’s a great thing to be to be raised in a home where you’re loved and accepted, regardless of where you stick yourself. But we’re where you let other people stick themselves. They by what I say all that to say, that doesn’t always garner a public response that is favorable. Okay. Like, you know, like I say to my kids, listen, you could be the prince and the princess in my house. But when you go to school, when you’re out in the world, you better use your manners and act respectfully, because you’re just one of many people. So Right. You know, I think it’s important for kids to understand that I don’t know that Rachel has ever understood that. So I do think this was a great shock to her because she’s so used to being the victim. She was the victim. When Lala didn’t like her. She was the victim when James broke up with her. And now she’s the bad guy because she did a bad thing. And she wants to turn around and somehow make herself the victim and the audience and the cast did give that to her. Because we did rail her so hard, that we put it in a position where it really was unfair. It was an imbalance of power. But again, it was her action that caused that. So what did you think of her statement when she said, you know, everyone else is is profiting off of this, you know, Ariana became the hero and, you know, and, you know, the Lisa Vanderpump made all this money, and then she says it’s not fair. And she says, I know I sound like a toddler, but it’s not fair. I think that it speaks to exactly what I just said. She is a very entitled person. And she doesn’t know how the real world works because you don’t get endorsements for fucking somebody’s boyfriend. Maybe Ashley Madison don’t. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I’m sure I’ve in you know, there might be a day that only fans becomes. I also think that one thing that she said was like, I’m a nice person. I’ve always been a good person. And it’s so crazy to me that now I’m like, the biggest villain on reality TV, okay, for this moment, you’re the biggest villain. But it’s also like it’s a lesson like Yeah, I think that mostly she probably wasn’t a nice enough person and she didn’t do anything terrible. But then she did and she did something bad. And people had a reaction to it. Was it out of size? Maybe? Maybe it was out of size. Maybe because
She was such a Bambi character. We were so shocked. Whereas if it was Lala or even Sheena, we would have been like, well, you know, not too shocked. You know, I can agree that the reaction was out of proportion, myself included. I mean, I certainly felt that way as I was reporting what I was hearing, and I think she doesn’t do herself any favors when you file a police report against Sheena, if she Anna hit her, which she’s claiming in this pod that she did, and, and she keeps saying it. If she hit her, clearly, physical violence is never okay. And she has a right to be upset about that. But I don’t think the audience is gonna see it that way. Not that they think that violence is okay, but it isn’t as if Sheena, knocked her unconscious. I think that what I found weird was the video recording which Tom video recorded it. Yeah, let’s talk about that. And she doesn’t show any anger towards him. As a matter of fact, in the same email that said, Ariana wanted to meet with her, and that Ariana is basically indifferent at this point to the whole situation. It said that it’s very strange, but Raquel is still pursuing Tom and wants his attention. Yeah, and yet he filmed revenge porn, essentially, yes. And had this video on it without her consent, which I will I just want to come right out there and say, no one should ever have that happen to them. I feel terrible for
sorry, not Rachel. Rachel. I feel terrible for her that this happened. Like that is awful. That is not excusable. And I think he he is 100% in the wrong for filming that without her consent. And she says he filmed it, but she’s not angry about it. She’s angry at Ariana, because she says Ariana got the video. And Ariana shared the video and whatever. And like, she’s, all of her stuff is focused on Ariana, and again, like, after three months of work, like I feel like saying two things one coming out and saying that I’m a nice person. To me just reinforce the narcissism because I think all narcissists are like, but I’m a good person. Everybody else is bad. Right? That’s, that’s a very typical way that these people like, I think most people think that they’re a nice person, even when they do I, you know, I I’m sure, Ken, I’m not gonna say anybody any names, because I don’t want any dictators coming after me. But I’m sure you’ve been dictators, right, that they are a nice person. Right? And whatever. I just think that is like the poorest excuse because well, Arianna is far what he did that he did that she hadn’t showed the video to anybody. I mean, I don’t we don’t know whether Arianna did or didn’t show the video. What I will say she didn’t record the video, and that’s the illegal thing. So
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Bank where you are get where you want to go vector bank invites you to stop by the Bellevue station branch with expert staff and competitive offers backfire Colorado wide reputation vector bank big enough to count small enough to care visit vector bank.com Division of Zions Bancorporation na Member FDIC. If she’s going to sue somebody, that person has to be Tom clearly she’s not going to sue him. She hasn’t even fully turned on him. What I think again, something that did her no favors in the interview was when she goes me and Ariana weren’t even best friends. I’m gonna say right here. I don’t I never really thought they were best friends and a lot of followers said that to me. What we saw on this season prior to scannable was Ariana sticking up for a cow and being like, I sorry, Rachel. She’s a really nice person to Lala and Katie. Can you guys lay off her? Can you give her a break? It became harder to do that when she was making out with shorts, but she still had Rachel’s back. So I don’t I never thought that they were BFFs Rachel is 10 years younger than Ariana.
They are an established group of friends. She was the girlfriend of somebody who’s in that group of friends who they haven’t always had
Best relationship with and I would venture to say, James is mostly in that group, because he’s on the show. And so from that comes friendships that probably wouldn’t be there otherwise, where as Ariana and Tom and Katie and all of them they’re all friends. So
Rachel, you’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter if it was your best friend, it was somebody who treated you well and who stuck up for you publicly on the show. Everybody saw it. Everybody knows it. And you betrayed her. Now she says that Oh, me and Sheena. Yeah, she was good to me. But I watched her cat and I again, she’s missing the point. She’s just missing the friends do friends. watch each other’s dogs. They help each other out. Like, what’s that? That whole thing where she was like, No. And I just I went on her podcast, and it was the highest rated podcast that she’s ever had. And Baba Baba. I’m like, Well, yeah, but like, you guys are on reality TV and friends do each other favors like, and so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go on somebody even beggars pod. It’s going to be their highest rated pod ever. And I’m not going to ask for any compensation because I’m a rocket scientist. I wonder why those? I wonder why she didn’t monetize. I can’t. Okay, there’s some shoot. Yeah, she also said Tom was offered producer credits for season 11 Because of how great scandal was now if she’s in contract with Bravo harass is getting sued. So again, I believe she got out of contract. Yeah, she says Kristen got a spin off, which is the Vanderpump spin off as hush money to keep her from spilling assault rumors about James because Vanderpump. And they they spoke about this on the second pod Vanderpump clearly became a money train. So they don’t want any, they don’t want it to be that James all along has been an abuser. I don’t know the details of that situation. To be quite frank. Nobody has ever sent me any receipts or anything like that. I can’t speak to it in an honest way. I hope it isn’t true. If it is true. I don’t understand why Kristen wouldn’t have come out and said it. She’s been off the show for so many years. She’s written a book, she never out and out said it was him and still hasn’t to this day to my knowledge. So is it possible? It’s possible? Well, Bethany was one who brought up the assault thing. And then she said she’s like, I mean, I’ve gotten a lot of calls from a lot of people about that, you know, in her Bethany kind of tone. And then Rachel said, she’s like, I actually she’s like, I believe Kristen, I have seen him be violent. Is what she doesn’t say that he was violent towards her. No, she does not. She does not. I wonder if she would if he was? We don’t know the answer to that. Yeah. We don’t tend to think she would because she is saying everything else, but maybe she wouldn’t. Okay, so I want to talk about what she also said, where she said that Tom told Rachel that his relationship with Ariana was just a business relationship. Okay. And I think I absolutely believe that he did say that. There was even a point where Tom Schwartz alluded to that he was like, you know, they have this thing where they don’t really show their real relationship because they’re like a team, their business machine. So I don’t I totally believe that. I think that there is some truth to that. However, that doesn’t mean that Ariana didn’t believe it was also a romantic relationship. I mean, yeah, they’re a brand in the same way that any other famous couple Jackson Britney are brand doesn’t mean their marriage isn’t real. And also, I think that that’s why Rachel had that conversation with Ariana like, why don’t you and Tom have sex? And Ariana was like, He’s hot. I want to have sex with him. It’s just that he’s always at work. And like that whole uncomfortable conversation. Yeah, that was Rachel looking to see if it was true. And obviously, she learned that Ariana was very much invested in the romantic part of the relationship, but chose to say, Well, Tom isn’t so whatever. But yeah, and I want to kind of further further shoot holes in Rachel’s statement here. I do. I think some people will believe anything, if it serves the purpose of the narrative they’re trying to follow in their head. Right. And I think Rachael is very gullible. But I think if she really believed Tom, about this whole, just business partners saying then, like, why didn’t she just go to Ariana and just say, Hey, I know the two of you guys aren’t really together, and she could have done this off camera, you know, but I think I love him. I would like a shot at him. And you know, even if, and then she says, On Bethany’s pod, she was fighting with Tom, about the timeline to reveal to Ariana because he didn’t want to hurt Ariana. So again, Rachel, like, you’re talking about the two sides of your mouth here. Because if you believed him that they were business partners, and then you also believed you also knew that he didn’t want to tell her because he didn’t want to hurt her. How? Because he didn’t want to, you know, it’s hurt her feelings and how could both be true? Like, come on, like she and she also said
She, I would have never done this. So now she’s saying she couldn’t control herself that connection, but she would have stopped herself. If there was no longevity in their relationship, girl, they were together almost a decade, that’s longevity, even if they were broken up and you had immediately started dating him, Arianna would have had a similar reaction because of their longevity. It’s also not her place to judge another person’s relationship. To say business well, it was an excuse. It was a wet you know, there was a lot of I’m so sorry for what I did. But I’m not. Because he told me because it was a business relationship because they were roommates. So yes, except 1234 through 20. And it just, it just seems to me that Rachel really sees herself as the victim. I think that any person, myself included, would have a lot of trouble with that public reaction. However, there’s a difference between being upset about the reaction and trying to rationalize and absolve yourself of. I mean, isn’t that why we don’t do things like,
I’ve been in stores where I see beautiful jewelry, okay. And I would love to have it, you know, I would love I’m going to, I’m in a jewelry store, and I see a diamond necklace, a diamond necklace, tennis bracelet, and I would love to have it. And the reason I don’t put my hand behind the glass and take it is because if I do that, I’m going to get arrested, and I’m going to go to jail, and there’s going to be consequences for stealing the diamond necklace that I want. Or you don’t get arrested, you wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt.
You know, I don’t know, you know,
like cardi air and they make so much money. I’m kidding. But the reality is regular weight. You couldn’t? And if not and if not the guilt, right. So yeah, of course, there are those of us that have consciousness and the guilt will keep us up. But if not the guilt. It would be if I do this, um, like she she kept highlighting, I have no friends. Well, you have no friends, because you screwed them over. Right? You know, I have no friends, you have no friends, because you made a choice to go with Sandoval behind everyone’s back, and then put a restraining order on your best friend Sheena. And then and then and then. So
your actions have consequences. And I think that that with Rachel, although on surface, she says it. The Bots and the explaining it away shows that she really doesn’t see that piece of it. And if she doesn’t see that piece of it. What is to stop her the next time she wants to do something that will have negative consequences, such as go on Bethany’s pod and say all these things and then turn around and say, and now people are attacking me again. This is ridiculous. This happened a year ago. Okay, well, you brought it back up on. Yeah, yeah. And that’s going to be the next thing. The next thing is going to be I can’t believe people are still attacking me. Right, and maybe NAB and you said she’s gullible. And maybe she is so naive that she doesn’t fully realize that this is going to bring a second wave, it’s going to be like COVID We got a second wave. We got a new virus here. And it’s kind of like a second wave of attacks, honestly, not from me. In my opinion, I am much more infuriated with Bethany, and her exploitation and her hypocritical stuff. All of that pisses me off. Rachel, to me. She’s a spoiled little girl who messed up and can’t really accept that, like, she’s not going to be seen as the sweet Bambi. And that’s who she is. And she’s going to find people who continue to lick that wound and, and she’ll find a guy and she’ll she’ll find some friends and she’ll be alright, you know what I mean? And, and she’ll find people who subscribe to her what she’s selling everybody for every part. There’s a lid all that. But Bethany man, what is her school story? Yeah. And does Bethany ever? Like, does she ever look at herself and say, oh, okay, yes, I am being a hypocrite. Like I wasn’t, it was her. And Ramona, it was Ramona and somebody having a huge fight about the word hypocrite and what that really means, but like, I mean, she is being hypocritical. Unless I mean, Bethany, it’s not too late. Be transparent. How, how is what you’re doing right now? When you are getting the ratings, the advertisements, the renown. What are you giving Rachel? about all this? How are you not further exploiting her? Right? Be transparent, it’s not too late. Tell us like hear what people are saying. Show us that you are not being a hypocrite here. Tell us you know, yes. I’m not only paying her upfront but I am going to be paying her a percentage of the residuals because this is something I’m passionate about. But I just have the
feeling that it’s like these? I think it’s a she’s just like the rules apply to everybody but me. And I think that’s how she always operates and she can’t. She’s Little Miss can’t be wrong. And it’s incredible to see the two of them sitting on the couch together, like neither taking any accountability for any of their actions or decisions. I mean, what about the fact that and I don’t know all the details of this? I think we mentioned it, maybe on a cocktail pod, Bethenny had have a couple of influence or women sign a contract for a reality show. And according to some tiktoks that have been circulating, the contract they signed basically was like they could film 24 hours a day, like really intrusive, unsafe work conditions, leave it at that. And they still are locked into this contract, even though nothing happened with the show, and they still are muzzled. And they still can’t, whatever. And then how does that same person lead the charge for union? And just to be clear, I am a supporter of unions. I absolutely think it’s reasonable to say that so long as episodes are playing, for me to watch, the talent should be getting a residual income. I think that goes for everyone on all of these reality shows. Yeah, you know, the author of a book doesn’t just earn money when it’s first released, they should earn each time it’s purchased. I’m down with unions, obviously, down with safe working can work conditions. Of course, fair pay, but the angle that Bethany is doing it at I mean, she seemingly used Jill to start this by talking about Jill being blindsided by Bobby’s funeral, and then publicly saying, Oh, I don’t have any interest in being friends with Jill, when Jill clearly thought that they had made some sort of, yeah, forge some way forward. She didn’t pay Rachel. You know, people ordinarily don’t get paid for pot interviews. Right. But considering this was about Rachel being exploited and not being paid, and it was Bethany’s call to arms for parent fair pay, and this huge, and now this is going to be a huge payday for Bethany, who sidenote doesn’t need the money. I mean, everybody needs the money, but she doesn’t need it in in the way that Rachel who has bills and 90 day private spa to pay for said that she was in. She said she was in debt. And this is the other thing. And I think that people also have trouble sympathizing with Rachel. And back to my point of she was raised by a very loving family who clearly indulged her. You know, people say, Oh, she went for help. But some people don’t necessarily feel for somebody who did this awful thing to their friends. And I say friends, because she also did an awful thing to Sheena and a bunch of them. And then ran home to mommy and daddy. And her sister, she has a very strong support system at home. And then they then paid for a four month luxury spa therapy experience. You know, many people won’t really sympathize with her. Many people live normal lives where that is totally not an option for their parent to come in, swoop in and save them from themselves and put them somewhere where they can lick their wounds with matcha lattes for four months while swimming in an infinity pool. And like, you have to base yourself somewhat in reality whilst playing the victim Rachel.
You know, you’re in Arizona at a spa. You know, so it’s again, I’m just saying when you put all of it together to watch these two entitled women on a couch and listen, Rachel may not be wealthy, but she certainly doesn’t come from poverty if her parents were able to do this for her. Yeah, she made $361,000 Last year, which is about five times what the average American makes a year.
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Sure do. Do I think Bethany needs to be the one leading the charge? Sure, don’t. Ya? Yeah. And I guess I wanted to just add on to because I am. I think that a lot of the points that are being brought up about this unionization thing are are very valid, right having been in the business that I have been in, in marketing and advertising, when we would have actors in or music, but let’s just use actors, when we would have actors and commercials, you pay them for the initial kind of run of the commercial. But then if you decide to start to extend the commercial past that initial period, you pay that actor residual, and it might be small. But that’s what you know, that is at the rate that they agreed to. And like that’s, I think that’s fair. I agree that it is unfair, that we are still seeing Vicki’s, you know, seasons, however many seasons that she was on and that she doesn’t get paid any certain sliver. So one of my thoughts would be like, give these reality sorts of a choice like to say like, you know, we can pay you upfront, or we can pay you a part of residuals long term, it’s your choice, giving them some kind of autonomy, and choice in that thing, people who can’t make a choice, right, like the kids should get paid. And there should be that should just be a flat out whatever it’s day rate. However, I don’t I don’t even want to say how they should get paid or how much I think the husband should get paid. It might be a little bit but they should get paid. And so like, you know, and I also think some of the dirty tricks that some of these producers play, you know that if you ever watched unreal, which was on I want to say ye about the bachelor and it was like a fictitious bachelor. But you know, from what I’ve heard people interviewed on other podcasts they say like, that’s exactly the kind of stuff that produces actually do like some of these dirty, dirty tricks where there’s almost like a mental,
not abuse, but putting people in situations where they really shouldn’t I think that kind of stuff needs to end. Yeah, of course. So I agree. I think there is a need. But what I hear is my question for you. What, ultimately is driving Bethany to do this? So I asked I asked my followers yesterday and I a lot of people said attention this that this that and one of my followers said something that
I think
she said sponsorships Attention all that she goes, but what about president of the Union stick it to Bravo across the negotiating table from them on behalf of the Union?
Yeah, I mean, I think she said that they all come down to one single thing in reality, more attention, more spotlight, more food for her massive narcissistic ego. Listen, if I had Bethany’s money, you’d never hear from me again.
Because I would be in like Morocco, or I would do this, like I would watch the shows and chat with you about it. And if people wanted to listen, but I wouldn’t. I certainly wouldn’t be hustling Amazon links and trying to and we do these things and we work to provide for our families or because it gives us a satisfaction, right in Bethany’s case the satisfaction is and you know, what, if Bethany came out unsaid, I myself was a part of the problem. I myself locked influencers into a contract I myself pitched reality shows, I myself attacked Kelly, Ben Simone, who I clearly knew was mentally unstable and told her she was crazy and told her to go to sleep. I myself attacked Sonia at her weakest most vulnerable point. I know better now and I want to do better and I think I could respect it. But to your point, there is zero accountability as if it is if she is like Mary fucking Poppins of reality television flying in now. I’m old enough to remember that you are one of the nastiest ones ever on it. Here is my theory. My theory is that
There might be a class action lawsuit. And generally the way those class action lawsuits work and cocktail are is definitely you guys, you know, you know, me and my I have my law degree from my closet here. But you guys, so definitely fill us in on on the details but my understanding of class action lawsuits is that the people who originally bring the suit generally make a much larger percentage. And then they bring all these other people in. And so like if you’ve ever gotten like a class action settlement, like I have for stuff, I didn’t even know that I,
you know, like for credit card, whatever, oh, there’s should there’s like a website, you can go on and you put it in and you get like, I, I haven’t dollar check, and you’re like, Verizon ripped me off 10 years ago, right. But I’ve gone out and gotten him for stuff. Like I didn’t even sign up to do it. Because I’m like,
this somehow. Yeah. And anyway, like, my understanding is like the, the originators of the suit, make a much larger percentage, and then everybody else gets, you know, like their $10, check, or whatever. And so that is where I’m like, to me, I think Bethany is so motivated by money. I think she’s more motivated by money than she is by attention, because she’s getting the attention. I think there’s a big money play here. And I think, and I think that’s why she’s going so hard, because she’s not just going hard against the whole reality world. She’s going really hard against Bravo, and really hard against Andy, that totally makes sense. And I think that, listen, she had a huge payday with her with her wine. And to any normal person, you, me, most I would imagine most of our listeners, that kind of money would set you for life, but for rich people, 120 million and a billion. So
I do think that she has an insatiable need to and when we say she wants the money, I don’t think she wants the money because she wants to own 77 houses. I think she wants the money because she feels validated, like, I now have $500 million,
maybe validates her sense of worth being able to accomplish this being able to take down being able to do that She better not mess up reality television as a whole for us, because I will be so pissed. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think that I think it’s not nice to say you know what you’re signing up for, but I think it’s a reality. And I think and yes. And again, to my point, I think that there should be a union and there should be safe working conditions. And maybe we’d get some really good people on the shows with that. Because I think there’s a lot of people that don’t go on because they know what they’re, it’s like that guy from Love is blind who’s saying he can’t get hired because he was on a show. Yeah, dude, like, you know,
a guy like Evan Ghosh go Schneider on jersey, remember when Jackie was so upset because of how he was being spoken about? And she’s like, he works in corporate world finance. Yeah, that’s why that’s why we don’t go on it. Yeah, that’s why I wouldn’t go on it. Because like, we have a real life. And we have degrees, and we work for Fortune 500 companies, and we do things where this is frowned upon. So
you know, I don’t know, I gotta say, like, I would absolutely love to sit down and smoke a joint with Andy Cohen.
And get the download on like, what he is really feeling and thinking here because I can only imagine like, how angry but also very betrayed because he publicly called her a friend for a long time. What I also want to say is people can say what they want about Andy, okay, and about the network. But we are, I think, oh eight is when OC premiered. So we’re 15 years into
this. Yeah, you know what you’re getting if you sign up for one of these shows, and Heather McDonald has been saying it very well, when she says, you sign up, you don’t know, I don’t know. If my husband’s work. I’m going on this reality show because my husband has this app. And it’s good to get it out there. And I don’t know if this app is going to get bought and him and I are going to be live in large. Or if it’s going to bankrupt us. And then I’m going to leave him because we can’t take the stress. And then that’s what’s going to be on the show. You sign up not knowing what your trajectory is. You can’t get mad at the machine.
Like yeah, you this is not the Truman Show where this guy didn’t know that he was the star of the show, you know? And so can you get on the show and not truly appreciate what editing is like, can you get on the show and not truly appreciate that? It really isn’t fake when you’re on it. It really matters to you and you really do get invested in all
Add, of course, there’s a learning curve to everything. But I myself wouldn’t go on the show, because I would have a fear of what could happen. Right? Because yeah, because you just don’t it’s life. Right? And you just don’t know what’s what’s going to happen next. And some people have different personalities and they’re willing, and it works out for them. And we know I mean, venture to say it worked out for Bethany. And venture to say it worked out for like Kyle Cook who just spoke out, you know, bravo, probably because of the Bethany clause gets a cut of everything Kyle sells, it’s still worth it for him to stay on that show where he would leave. Right. And he’s a smart businessman. I mean, you look at somebody like Craig, who has been criticized for scenes and him and Austin and all the tomfoolery. But guess what? He’s got several successful businesses. He’s got sewing down south. He’s got his law firm. He’s got he’s partners in different restaurants. So you take the good with the bad, but you do it knowing there’s going to be bad. Yes. So it’s not like he can just throw a fit and be like, oh, you know what, I showed my ass on winter house. So I’m done. And I’m gonna sue Bravo because I got drunk and acted stupid. No, you can be mad that they edited it that way. But you still know, this is what you signed up for? Yeah, and editing can fuck with people. I mean, I have no doubt that they can edit somebody to really look like a very bad person, I have no doubt, but you sign up knowing that that’s a possibility. But somebody’s gotta be the victim in it, or the evil person. You know, and we’re seeing, see, I mean, this last week of OCR, which we’re not gonna have time to get to, but we’re gonna really get into it next week, which will be good, because then we’ll have the new episode two, which we didn’t have this week. You see Heather sitting there, and her realizing these bitches are all trying to get me. And Gina and Emily was so annoying, because they don’t give a shit about Shannon. And Shannon’s reactions were crazy, because she’s realizing that she’s the scapegoat. And Heather’s the bad guy, and her relationship is going to be the collateral damage. Yeah, yeah. And you’re watching it. And it these are seasoned people. And you see Tamra, Emily and Gina who know how to get it all like almost like when you’re playing curling in the Olympics, trying to push it past the line. Like that’s what you feel like you’re watching and you see Heather and Shannon like, whoa, whoa, whoa, like being the bumpers in the bowling alley like, and then you see Vicki and I love it because Vicki was sitting there like I’m so happy that I can just pop up for these parties and not be involved in this. Yeah, I Yeah. Like she tried to stop it for Shannon and she was like, stop it Emily like almost looking at her as if to say you don’t give a shit. You’re pushing a storyline that you and you and Gina concocted? Yeah. Yeah.
agreed on all fronts. And Vicki, being the voice of reason to me was very foreign. But something about her coming back after being a little off. Or having some time a spotlight. I just, she seems so much more calm and like a lot more grounded. And she looks fabulous to so good for you, Becky. But my final thought on the Rachel thing. Yeah, hardware. I think Rachel is right to be upset. If the network did in fact, offer Sandoval, a producer credit and did cut out her saying you videotape me and did give him special special treatment. She has a right to be upset with him. And with the network. I agree with her decision not to come back. I have to imagine that if she was making 360 They probably didn’t want to give her that much more. And so she probably was like that I’m not coming back. And then she called their bluff and stuck with it. I think that this podcast was a bad look for her. I think as fans, we should just let her ride let her run off into obscurity. I say with the day she goes on another reality show. I won’t be surprised. I think this podcast shows that she does want to be in the limelight. And I think it is what it is. There’s plenty of
people like her on our televisions, who
whatever, wet noodles who might fuck your boyfriend?
And who looked at an address? I guess? Yes, yes. So agreed on all fronts. Right? I agree with you everything you just said. And I just want to add like, there is something very, very powerful with saying I fucked up. I’m sorry.
And leaving it at that because every time she comes back and says more and says more it just sounds like she’s making excuses. No matter there’s no amount of detail like that is going to make people like there might be some people who feel for her and I feel for her because I think she
was a lost soul and had some attacks
judgment or she called love addiction, but I think she just so badly wanted to be loved. However, everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to be accepted. Everybody wants to be in a hot, sexy, fun relationship. But you don’t.
We don’t
go there by
stealing somebody you know. And like, in betraying all these people and burning everything down entitled, there are there’s something so powerful about just saying I fucked up I’m sorry. And leaving it at that she’s entitled.
And she was really spoiled. And that’s it and she’s gonna be fine. She has a strong support system at home. At the end of the day. People will forget about this and she’ll be fine. She’ll find her people on that worry. I mean, I don’t know which people are going to become her people though. I would, I would constantly have like, one I’ll be sleeping with one eye open if you know, she were in my sphere. But
again, that’s just me. I hear you girl. Taylor’s you’re the best. I hope we didn’t drive you too crazy with our rant. But clearly we had to address it. This is a big thing. And you know what? It’s been kind of like in like the well no, we have New York. Oh god, I love New York. We’re going to talk about New York next week. We’re certainly going to cover OSI because I just think that there’s a lot of tomfoolery going on there. And I’m loving sewn up. Okay, Sonia and Luann like in the upcoming premiere Luann being annoyed legitimately annoyed it so on Yeah, because she’s not taking the song seriously and her saying she’s not going to work on it if, like, I just love them. Like they really like have at first it was like hokey and they like showed up in his town, but now they’re really invested in what they’re doing. And they all have like different ideas of how they should go about it. And it’s yes, historical. Yes. And then like doing writing the song together was hilarious. I mean, and like I mean neither of them can really carry a tune by the way, which I love. Yeah, it’s just yeah, it’s I think we maybe have had a few too many episodes and I love that there’s this like we’re making it about the town and all that like the things that we’re doing but it is it’s really the dynamic between the two of them that keeps me watching told Listen, this isn’t a show I’m like oh my god it’s on let me put it on right now. It’s like I’m folding my laundry I put it on and I’m just cracking up it’s funny because my you know kids kids don’t really want to watch housewives but this one my daughter loves watching because she likes watching the You know them trying out and then doing all the things so it’s funny and I explained cuz she hasn’t seen shits Creek, but I explained that like there was like a show that was calm, and it’s fun. It’s light hearted man got him that hot tub naked. I can’t. I can’t
tell you guys. Have a great week.
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily, that would get us kicked off of Instagram.
So thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys. See you next time.

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How dangerous is it to unwrap a burger at 40 miles per hour? More so than you think.

In a little over two seconds your car can travel slightly more than 117 feet, which is the same length as 20 bicycles. Anything that distracts you while driving is dangerous. That’s why driving while texting can be deadly too. So put it down it can wait. Don’t drive distracted shifting to safe.