The bar crawl itself was a total shit show lmao.

REALLY fun but so unorganized… they had no idea what they were doing. You could tell which bars were ran by LVP, lol Sur and TomTom were really great.

Schwartz & Sandy’s was prob the most fun of the night. Jax’s was a SHIT SHOW —my least favorite and the one toilet flooded so there was shit water on the whole floor of the bar


The drinks at Sur were incredible.

The party bus was insanity but truly super intimate! Everyone was drunk and you felt like you were partying with real friends. Schwartz is such a party starter. Jax was a MESS talking shit about Lala, Scheana, etc. that man is just miserable somehow we had a front row seat on the bus.

Schwartz & Jax are HOT. I’ve met Schwartz before but wow he’s gotten hotter with age. We walked past Something About Her and he seemed like a proud friend – meanwhile Jax was like “idk how they’re only open until 4 pm because they have a lot of rent to pay” @ Schwartz was so thankful for everyone that came. He’s so personable and wanted to be your bff and absolutely the kindest person. I love him so much.

Jax is an ass but exactly what you see on tv. Total mess, erratic, slightly uptight.. He had a meltdown at Schwartz & Sandy’s because there was only one bartender (Max!) so Schwartz ended up going behind the bar. I befriended a couple girls and Jax turns to us completely falling apart about the semantics of there only being one bartender for 50 ppl / how he needs things organized and starts

RANTING/VENTING how this is why his marriage is falling apart and literally talks to us for 15 mins about how he’s a horrible husband and his marriage has crumbled… I literally just stared at him like “welp” lol Both of them did give me a big hug when we left and it did feel like I made 2 new friends

they truly are both what you see on tv and I’m so overwhelmed with content I don’t even know what else to share.

Oh Brittany did Face Time Jax on the bus and they were texting a lot.