NOW Captain Lee is speaking out about the never-released podcast episode — that led to his falling out with Carl. Captain Lee said

“I’m going to say something. Carl and I used to be close. I gave Carl an opportunity to be on the podcast and tell it as he saw it,” Lee recalled. “[If] there was a question he wanted taken off, we took it off. If there was something he didn’t want to answer, we didn’t put him on the spot.”

Lee recalled trying to create a safe platform for Carl, 39, following the broken engagement in November 2023, adding, “We didn’t hang him up to dry — it was a softball interview if I have ever seen one. Because I never would have done anything intentionally to put Carl on the spot.”

After Lee announced that Carl would be a guest, things went south,“Usually we release a tease on Tuesday, which we did. Then I got a phone call from Carl and he just went off on how I was taking advantage of him and trying to put him on the spot,” Lee claimed. “His publicist was there — as was mine. I was blown away. I don’t know what made him go off the way he went or what he was thinking.”

“I told him he didn’t want it aired so we didn’t,” Lee noted before his cohost added, “It put us in a very difficult position as well. I don’t think he really cared.”

Lee expressed frustration on Wednesday about how the situation went down.

I don’t know what he cared about. We didn’t air it because he asked us not to — or demanded that we not,” he continued. “We never aired anything about Carl and we never had a discussion about him before now. The only reason we are having now is because of the stuff I am reading. I don’t believe everything that I read but I do believe some that I see.”

Lee and Carl, originally became friends after losing loved ones to addiction.

Carl did the same thing to Daryn Carp- Andy C’s assistant who had a podcast- this was a few years ago- story was told behind paywall on Taylor Strecker show. He has major issues!!