So I just found out about this. Evidently Walmart’s headquarters is in Arkansas. They made a rule that all C suite execs had to live within 30 miles of headquarters. When this happened, these rich elites had expectations due to their accustomed lifestyle, so all of a sudden, all this high end, elite businesses and services starting building up in Arkansas. Everything from lifestyle to healthcare. A new state of the art children’s hospital was built bc these execs were not going to go to some rural ER if their kids needed emergency services. I’m an ER nurse and although my jaw dropped it made sense. I worked at an elite hospital in chicago where we had secret “suites” for famous/high end people, ie athletes, politicians, etc. it’s a real thing. Sad but true. Anyway, all this to say there is definitely a very elite and rich area of Arkansas because when those execs moved in, they built a lifestyle around themselves.


Look up how Alice Walton fucked with the art world elite. She has created one of the most amazing art museums by going in and simply outbidding everyone. She founded The Crystal Bridges museum in Arkansas and it is truly spectacular. This post talks specifically about healthcare, but what has happened because of Walmart in that area is wild. It’s still got a lot of issues (racism, lacking in some health care stuff) but it’s definitely changed the landscape.