The lady Jesse’s was on the red carpet with is Lacy middle name Nicole.

She’s close with Noella and friends with former Housewives like Lydia and Gretchen, but she is also my

She was married to my friends ex husband and the recently split!! From what I heard they split because he’s more on the controlling side which he was with my friend and didn’t like going out and stuff all the time wanting her to stay home.

l’ve known her for like 10 years not close but around in Newport Beach.

She has a young daughter maybe toddler age she’s not a socialite like some articles say just married a wealthy guy. She is a nice girl.

So from what I heard is no one knew she was seeing Jesse and in the beginning of March there was a JDRF gala in Newport at a hotel she does work with and donates her time to JDRF and I’m sure money but friends were there and she was there with Jesse. And everyone says he was a nice guy but she’s still living in Newport Beach I don’t really see her moving to LA.