Subject: RHOSLC Season 5

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Source at SHED media was able to spill some tea on the new season of RHOSLC thats filming currently. Producers want Mary to hold a snowflake due to her forming deeper connections with the other ladies with several storylines revolving around her. Mary prefers to be a friend without the pressure of being fulltime. Brownwyn is fulltime. She is introduced by Mary and she brings a lux factor and has a great sense of humor. Bronwyn has a very intersting fued with Heather and Angie. Other newbie is Britani who is volatile and is on bad terms with several of the women. Her FT status is dependent on if Mary agrees to get a snowflake but producers are toying with the idea of 8 FT wives. Other women Meili faced heat early on for her social media posts but faded into the backround while filming. Another banger season!

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