B- just flew home from Hawaii and sat next to a guy on my connection flight who lived in Orange County. He caught me and my friend watching Potomac and we chatted and he told us that we need to watch OC, and I told him that I’m caught up. So I found a couple of things out. Nothing crazy about the show or what’s to come, but community things.

– the community was really excited about RHOC when it premiered and for the most part they still really take pride in it.
– the oc ladies are big in the community, and he said specifically Vicki is everywhere.
– they love that Tamra really is the reason why the housewives series is the way it is now a days.
– I guess when Shannon, Kelly, and Braunwyn were all living and filming by one another the women were incredibly accessible and they were filming all the time together.
– Kelly’s crazy as fuck in person.
– Shannon’s ex husband is so rich because he does all the roads in OC and has kind of monopolized it.

– Shannon’s dui wasn’t that big in OC. He said it was bigger in mainstream media.
– Shannon had a reputation is being a character wayyyyy before she went on the show.
– he also helped Brianna one night get into a car because she was wasted lol