So last night’s dinner in Montreal:
-Sandoval was late and barely around…. didn’t even take photos with people that my friend saw. My friend was told his gf had “hair issues” hence why he was late 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
-Schwartzy was exactly as expected, 10/10 amazing and gave hugs to my friend and her husband
-Jax didn’t seem to talk to any men including my friend’s husband who tapped on his shoulder so my friend had to go to the bar. So 7/10, and he was super friendly, said he was “okay” but was super warm and my friend used her cellphone fan to help cool him down which he really appreciated lol she think he 100% has ADHD lol
-Tickets were $120 CAD each including dinner but dinner didn’t come till 10:30pm or you could pay $60 for just photos
-Schwartzy and Jax mingled like separately sort of at the tables and bar and not together so to maybe cover more ground?
-No weird or creepy behaviour spotted by my friend

So nothing spicy but apparently the gf of Sandoval was clearly high maintenance

She said Jax is exactly as youd expect and fun but she’d never do the dinner again – just pay for photos if going to spend that kind of money to see them