Lala is hands down the nicest celebrity I met the whole weekend. We ended up talking for a good 10+ min. She’s super down to earth and seemed to truly enjoy our chat. Scheana was on the complete opposite side of my experience. Although she did take a picture with me, she def was dismissive & cold. Brock was full of energy and life.. really excited to chat and take a pic. Both him and Lala spoke with my husband as well which was sweet of them to do. During our time with Brock, Scheana was yelling at him to come to her bc she was trying to leave elsewhere.

Another time that same day I see Teresa and Louie walking nearby.. They were both very kind and friendly! Teresa asked if she should put on her glasses like I had mine on for the pic which I thought was cute. Very petite (so were Lala and Scheana) and put together very well. She complimented my outfit etc. The next day I saw them again with Milania and I wanted to get a pic with her as well since I didn’t see her the previous day… so I went up to them and Teresa recognized me right away and before I even asked she was ready to take another pic. She told Milania to take our pics for me. Then I got one with Milania too.

allegedly written in script with @bravoandcocktails_ instagram handle below it