I have a Queen Diana (Ross) story for you…I worked at a non profit here in L.A. many years ago. The Founder and Pres was good friends with Berry Gordy and a board member of the charity. Diana Ross agreed to sing a couple songs at the annual dinner dance fundraiser. The costs for all of her people, flights, hotels, etc. was over $130,000!!! My boss said no thanks and even Berry Gordy was shocked at her costs.🤯

Berry Gordy started Motown and is Diana Ross’ ex husband. They had one or two kids together.

I was doing the bookkeeping for the co. and her executive asst. at the time and almost fell off my chair when her rep gave me the costs breakdown. My boss was so mad she called Gordy to get Ross on a conference call and she told her off for taking advantage of funds that were to go to blind kids. It was fabulous hearing someone stand up to these over paid entertainers.