A follower gives some insight on OCD re: our discussion on the pod about Scheana:

the episode is so good! and just fyi: re scheana and brock and the babysitter debate, i have OCD and the way scheana is behaving is ABSOLUTELY in line with OCD. OCD is all about irrational fear, an iNTENSE need for control, a need for things to be done your way and ONLY your way, and believing that your fear is actual intuition. She absolutely wants to control the situation and control Brock, and part of that may be for other reasons, but OCD is definitely a part of this picture. The reason she’s so resistant to his point of view is because her OCD is so intense that she can’t consider it or she’d have to change – and changing compulsions is HARD. It takes many hours of exposure and response prevention therapy, taking little tiny baby steps, to get over something like that. She’d need to, like, leave Summer with a babysitter for 5 minutes, and then sit in therapy and process her anxiety with a professional. Then 10, then sit with a therapist. Meanwhile Brock just wants to bulldoze.

(happy to explain more about how OCD really works and feels, btw. It’s actually wild, and waaaay more complex than I ever knew. It explains A LOT about Scheana, including her checking people’s locations. I bet that’s one of her compulsions.)

Another follower:

Just listened to the pod and I wanted to weigh in on the Sheana babysitter issue- I’m a therapist and specialize in postpartum OCD and not being able to the leave the child with a nanny is VERY common with OCD sadly. She is very impacted by OCD that I can see, and many moms have intrusive thoughts about the safety of their child when they are being watched by anyone else 🙁 I’m assuming the mom also has OCD from what Brock said to her in one of the first episodes. OCD is a genetic mental health condition.