Sooo went to Jax’s tonight. It was wild. The bar was super, quietly awkwardly watching the new VPR and about half way through Jax came in, and loudly announces himself, “How we all doing in here?” To which he expected thunderous applause…he got none. He kept pacing around and looked crazy eyed, he kept going to the bathroom. At one point I was in the bathroom with him, waiting. It’s two coed stalls behind a separate door. I tell him he can go first, he said he didn’t want to cut in line which was nice but when I’m washing my hands I hear crazy snorting ssounds coming from the next stall. Super sus. He was definitely ❄️ out of his mind. The valley came on and the tvs got louder and the whole cast was just sitting in the middle of the outside area waiting to be photographed Including Britney who looked lovely but I didn’t see her interact with Jax at all.

Also mee maws beer cheese was NOT GOOD.

I did not get a picture with him cause it felt like he wanted it sooooo bad.