From: A J

Subject: VPR sightings

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I live in LA, so I thought it would be fun to share some VPR sightings.

The week after the Rachella was shown, I ran into Schwartz by my salon. I thought it was Schwartz from the back, and called out Schwartz. He turned around and we wound up walking for a couple of blocks together. He is very good looking in person and was incredibly nice. He asked for my name again before we went different ways. What stands out from the conversation is I specifically asked how much Sandoval paid for Rachella, and threw out my estimate. Schwartz doubled down and said it was more than that. This was a couple of days before the Randall Emmett photos in Nashville were displayed online.

I did a charity spin class where Lala and Katie were there. I spoke to Lala after, and she is as nice in person as she is gorgeous. We took a picture together which I unfortunately deleted because she put me to shame that day. But I can attest she is incredibly nice. She and Katie left together.

Finally, I ran into Lisa at Gelson’s like five years ago. She is gorgeous in person and I said hi. She was on her way to a brunch and asked me where she could find the bagels. Like an idiot, I just stammered particularly since I don’t buy bread that often and had no idea what isle they were on. I get why people get tongue tied around her! I was catching my Lyft at the same time she was leaving and Ken pulled up in a white Rolls Royce.

Everyone on VPR has been incredibly nice to fans in chance encounters. I do want to commend them for that, and to let you know that they don’t mind if you say hi when you see them.

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