More names!

Feb 10, 2024


In addition to Johnny Bananas and Dorinda I’m hearing Alexis and Kenya are in talks for Traitors too!


  1. H

    Asking on behalf of all my girls, can CT come back?

  2. Megan

    YES YES YES to Kenya!

  3. Brett

    Yesssss to miss twirl

  4. Joanne

    So why is Bananas coming back? I’m confused??? Sorry don’t watch this often but I love CT and Bananas, and wondering why he can do traitors twice…

  5. Megan

    I’m with you, H! CT should come back so he and Bananas can go at each other plus we, ladies, love “castle daddy”.

  6. Lisa Patnoe

    Not Alexis…

  7. K

    I don’t know if Kenya will do it unless she can bring her daughter and a nanny…she will never leave her that long

  8. Tricia

    Kenya was really good on special forces – you saw a totally different side to her. I hate that it could be housewife heavy again – Im cool w bravolebs – but not all housewives. Also – not a huge bananas fan – but he got the short end of the stick bc Dan didnt want to compete for attn – Prize $$$ wise they did not make good decisions when it came to ousting faithfuls – Bananas would be more strategic in rallying the troops but also getting the $$$.

  9. Donna

    Johnny Bananas didn’t win, he had his turn just like that Kate lady. No returns!!!

  10. Anna

    @joanne – Johnny Bananas got kicked off before he even got a chance to play because Dan was intimidated by him. Bananas deserves another chance IMO and honestly I really feel like we as the audience got totally cheated out of Bananas and CT conspiring and pairing up against Pilot Pete.


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