Sunday Funday!

Feb 5, 2024

From: Basic Bae

Subject: Sunday Funday Charleston Edition

Spill It to
Yesterday was at ShareHouse with some friends to watch Midnight City. A few familiar Bravo faces in the mix. One being JT who was with a tall, super skinny brunette making out – lots of PDA – both were zooted. Rod came and had maybe one drink, looked bored af and left. Mikkel from SH was there and was hanging with JT. JT’s best friend from home was really nice to us and told us JT was on a little show on Bravo called SC. JT did the arm drink bit he uses as his party trick and had on his Top Gun aviators on. Anon Please

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  1. Scarlet

    JT.. what a loser

  2. Carol

    JT should ride his 15 mins. while he can cuz hopefully Bravo will be smart enough for him to be 1 and done!

  3. A Dolly

    Dweebs gonna dweeb

  4. Courtney

    Has Rod ever not looked bored? 😬

  5. Lisa

    Sad to get a wanna be – at his age…!!

  6. C

    Knowing JT copied that move from his younger ex he love bombed and ghosted, then later claimed he didn’t know her or her family reallllllly gives me the ick


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