He was crying?!

Feb 1, 2024

Hi B! I was at Ariana’s book show tonight in the city and firstly, she seems like such an incredible person. So relatable and down to the earth and was really thankful that everyone came out, especially with the date change. She’s also so beautiful and truly looks so happy. Her moderator was Matt Rodgers and he said his friend randomly sat next to Andy on a flight recently and he was watching the finale of BH and was crying… that’s my tea for you haha

* now we know Kyle & Mauricio discussed the state of their marriage at the very end of filming so I am guessing that is what brought Andy to tears. Can’t wait to watch.


  1. Boymom

    Andy mentioned crying at the BH reunion on his radio show yesterday. I’m sure it will be seeing the girls so upset about their parents. Even with some of them being adults I’m sure this has been really hard for them.

  2. Sam

    Andy actually talked about this on his radio show! He said he was bawling on the plane watching the finale. Very emotional!

    • proseccoprincess

      I havent listened yet thanks for sharing

  3. Meg

    Andy also said this on Radio Andy.

  4. LA

    He was probably crying because the season has been so bad!


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