HUGE Hockey scandal!

Jan 30, 2024

** ESPN posted about this after I posted so making public.

When I received this I googled and there was nothing. I didn’t want to get in trouble for posting until main stream picked it up.

And if people reposted could effect my account before these things are are confirmed by mainstream media l always do cocktail❤️

I know you had some people that were interested in NHL tea, there’s a huge story that is about to brake of a bunch of NHL players gang assaulting a woman in Canada in 2018.

2 of them play for the Devils, one is the Flyers goalie.

Their organizations said they were taking time away for “mental health reasons” but they were ordered to surrender to Ontario law enforcement.

supposedly the Canadian hockey team tried to cover it up but their sponsors pulled out until there was an investigation!

They’re supposed to surrender this week… it’ll be public then…


  1. Jami

    Flyers goalie’s legal team has confirmed he’s been charged.

  2. Kristen

    I read somewhere that 5 players have now taken a leave of absence but there were 8 players involved. Wish I could remember where that was!

  3. Shanna

    Carter hart never said it was for mental health

  4. Donna

    Dude from Calgary Flames went on “mental health leave” last week. He’s now been named.

  5. Donna

    Not Dude, player’s last name is Dube.

  6. Megan

    Carter Hart (Flyers) has been charged- confirmed this evening. This has been all over sports news since last week…this is a pretty thorough article if you want to read more:

  7. Malissa

    Finally been wondering it’s a huge story. Read a couple of them had to give up their passports due to the investigation. And some thought the other hockey players that were on the same team along with the mom were huge this year. Believe the women!

  8. Katie

    They have to surrender to London, Ontario. Unsure if they have yet but this is based of off the world jrs team.

  9. TRV

    Saying that they are taking a mental health break is a typical male response and lack of accountability. Such BS!

  10. Hockey players are gross

    Sadly anyone who knows the hockey community would believe this. Sickening! Hockey bros always feel untouchable. I heard there was a restaurant in Vancouver that used to whore out his staff to his NHL friends. The NHL wives banned them from the restaurant because of this. Heard from a friend who had a friend work at the restaurant, so I believe it.

  11. Toxic masculinity

    News conference scheduled for February 5 according to CBC. Btw – the woman who came forward was very brave. She met one of them at a bar and went back to the hotel room, was not capable of consent and a group of them were there (I think 7 or 8). She tried to lay charges but wasn’t successful so sued. Hockey Canada used funds from their player fees (like fees from even minor hockey leagues) to settle out of court. TSN in Canada broke the story, turns out hockey Canada had settled at least 7 sexual assault allegations since the late 80s using fees collected from clubs. So at this point all of the sponsors left, the entire board resigned and they had to go answer questions to the Canadian government who demanded answers. Hockey culture in Canada is extremely toxic and those of us that grew up in it were not surprised by the sexual assault story


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