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Subject: The future for RHOSLC 5

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RHOSLC 5 will film in February. Similar filming schedule to seasons 2 to 4, will film till May end.

Despite all odds, Monica WILL be returning, there’s apparently many more layers to what was exposed. Production also wants Heather to film with Tenesha Koa and others from that situation but I don’t think they’ll be going ahead with it so that season 5 can have fresh storylines.

They will be making Mary a full time housewife again and there is a newbie who is Indian and a Hindu because they want SLC to be the religion franchise. (Unclear that it is an Indian housewife or just a Hindu housewife but this is one angle I have heard of)

Also… take it with a grain of salt but they might call back Danna Bui-Negrete and Angie H. Not confirmed yet but plans might be on

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