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Nov 18, 2023

Subject: Bravo is mad

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The network isn’t happy with the new season of NJ or the cast.
They made it impossible to film this season with certain cast members refusing to film with others, the physical fights and the disappointing newbies. The writing is on the wall for New Jersey depending on viewing figures but change is coming and this will be the last season the cast will look even close to what it is now. They’re angry with the leaks in the press all coming from one particular camp.

A certain plastic surgeons wife is in seriously hot water too. This is the second year running she’s shown herself up at Bravocon and the doubling down afterwards has left her job at serious risk.

You heard it here first, mid towards the end of the season expect one or 2 announcements of spin offs.

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  1. Bravo


  2. Jessica

    Good. I can barely watch Teresa anymore and Jen needs to go. Zero accountability or growth over the seasons. It’s time for a new generation

  3. Christina

    Whose camp are they referring to about the leaks?

  4. Christina

    Who’s *

  5. Janice

    That would be fine with me , not too interested quite honestly . Also saw on IG maybe a show just for Teresa and I wouldn’t watch that either

  6. Anna

    This is probably the only show at this point that I would agree a full reboot could be best. Or just get rid of Teresa, Melissa, Marge, and Jen. I’m not sold on Danielle yet but I think however she does in her second season will say a lot. I think Rachel and Danielle possibly could work moving forward but at the same time I live in NJ and am pretty confident they could find at least 5 new promising hws and I’d love some diversity that reflects how affluent communities in north Jersey truly look!

  7. Amy

    Yeah, I agree, the cast needs to go and refresh with an all new cast.
    They should do the same with the OC as well, i’m over Shannon….

  8. Manhattan

    The NJ.cast has become the most toxic on Bravo. If they add in Gia, as reported, things will just get worse bc it’s not a fair fight. She pulls the “kid” card when it’s convenient. This cast definitely needs a good shakeup bc it’s just not fun anymore. And Housewives should be fun!!!

  9. Vicky

    I hate to say this but I really hope they do this with BH as well! Fresher group please!!

  10. Bravo Bravo Bravo

    Give Teresa her own show!

  11. Lisa

    Does anyone think Melissa would get her own spinoff to include more of her sisters and cousins growing their businesses? Says 1 or 2 spin-offs could be announced. She’s definitely tried positioning for it in her podcast.

  12. Subzy

    Complete recast because both sides are so toxic. I love how this post implies leaks from one side when Melissa/Margarets camp leaks to this account. Teresa’s “side” leaks to another account. That’s the exact hypocrisy that has ruined RHONJ. They all do the same thing to each other on and off camera yet the fighting never ends. This isn’t even funny shady drama this is all out war, it’s gross. No more husbands either!!!!!

  13. Amy

    New Jersey and BH needs a all new cast, keep Rachel on NJ though

  14. Anon

    Get rid of Teresa and Jen, bring Jackie back full-time, maybe have her bring a new friend on the show, and watch everything unfold between Jackie and Marg. Keep everyone else. I’d watch!

  15. Margaret

    I’d rather see them flip the show with the Husbands of NJ instead. They are more exciting to watch than their wives.


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