Void of humanity…

Nov 15, 2023

From: Phaedras Due Date

Subject: LaHIPPA in Miami

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How you react to life altering news reveals your character. LaHIPPA not only shared private health information she had no right to share but eclipsing this gaff was the void of humanity she showed when her friend shared a traumatic health diagnosis. Void of humanity and complete lack of character.

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  1. M

    Watching the girls asking what stage it was then their reactions was hard to watch. Regardless if stage 1, it’s freakin cancer.

  2. D

    lol @ this coz like she told her with cameras around
    Hate lars all you want but she ain’t violating nothing she is not a health professional lol someone told her something on camera in public it makes her a shitty person but not in violation of anything

  3. Chuck

    I get what they’re saying but people need to read what HIPAA actually is and not just throw that term out there (and spell it properly). It prevents medical professionals, facilities, and their employees from disclosing patient information, not when the actual person with the diagnosis shares that info themselves. But LaRosa is 100% shit for spreading it like the filler in her ass

  4. Planet Earth

    This isn’t a blind item or exclusive. This is from someone that wants attention on a comment they have. How original of a thought…

  5. Christina

    Thank you @Chuck for the correct definition of HIPPA!

  6. M


  7. Anna

    True it’s not a HIPAA violation since she’s not a health professional and therefore the law doesn’t apply to her BUT it’s soooo wrong for anyone to reveal another persons health information especially something this sensitive. I was blown away, she’s absolutely awful for this.

  8. Jessica

    HIPPA only applies to medical professionals. But I agree, morally, no one should share someone else’s private health information. & her reaction shows huge character flaws

  9. Anna

    I finally watched the episode and holy shit, Larsa is terrible. TERRIBLE. I hope Guerdy will never trust her again, this is not a friend. So nasty, I have no words

  10. Kathleen

    I also think, as terrible as this sounds, that Larsa is just not a smart person. I believe she is genuinely a little stupid. When Guerdy said “in confidence” I’m not sure that Larsa even knew what that meant. No excuse because she knew not to share the information but I really think she’s just not an intelligent person.

  11. Vicky

    Everyone knows what HIPAA is people..relax. It’s just a relevant nickname.

    Totally agree w Kathleen. Larsa definitely didn’t understand that lol


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