RHONY details!

Nov 12, 2023

NYC is likely bring on 1-2 as your post says but the other 6 will stay in tact. If Jenna wants to come back , they’ll have her. Full time or appearances. Its her call.

With the talk of Jenna leaving they are looking at other fashion heavy hitters. One of which being June. She’s big in the industry and brings lots of fashion cred. (* we mentioned her and spoke about her on the pod a while back).

Another name floating around is Bridget. She’s a big socialite in NYC and just had a huge wedding that was the talk of the city. (* we’ve also mentioned her name being in the mix )

I’ve heard they really wanted the next two ladies. Priya Shukla and Kate Davidson. Both are friends with multiple of the ladies. Kate even recommended Ubah and Jessel. With Priya though her big time job as VP at Vera Wang could be what causes her to ultimately not join.

There are some other names that I am not able to share at this time… 👀


  1. Janice

    I follow Bridget on IG , she is married to a plastic surgeon and it would be interesting , she’s pretty low key so I am not sure it would even be a good fit, she has a interesting extended family . I don’t think her husband strikes me as the type to go for this but I could be wrong

  2. S

    I remember hearing Priya’s name A LOT before the first season of the reboot.

  3. realfriendsonrhony

    What about Brynn and Jessel’s bestie Savannah who connected them with the show?

  4. Priya not Priyah

    Priya may have changed her mind, but multiple times she’s said off hand she’s not doing RHONY.


    That is absolutely NOT true that Kate referred Ubah and Jessel. I found both of them with my own little brain. They were not referred by anyone…completely casting. DONT TAKE AWAY MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS 😭😂

  6. Melissa

    Bridget is am influencer. I believe she just had a wedding where she invited a bunch of other influencer, some who she barely knows. She is also a clout chaser. She was just hanging with Pagie L, Morgan wallens ex and Shannon Ford (who is faking her engagement, she is already married) in London for her Revolv event.

  7. Ziwe pls!!!

    Would love love love to see more of NYC fringe royalty. Casting, casting, casting us Julia Fox or Ziwe pls. They’re already friends with some of the cast. Maybe a couple guest appearances by Sonja and Luann? Ziwe would be a great reunion host too if Andrew is ever ready to allow someone to take over his thrown. That’s a way to really reboot the franchise…

  8. JC

    BRING JULIA FOX!!!!!!!

  9. Jamie

    Bridget lives in Dallas?

  10. Laurennnnn

    What ab Cynthia Rowley?! She’s fabulous and has a few entitled daughters, good for tv lol


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