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Julia’s anger towards Marysol may have seemed outsized at the end of last night’s episode. That is because there is more to it that would break the fourth wall that we aren’t hearing about. Marysol made some intense efforts to get Adriana canned from the show. It didn’t work and now even her refusal to film with her did not work because what also isn’t being said is that production made Alexia invite Adriana and made Marysol come. Basically they tried to ice out Adriana and it did not work. Julia and Adriana are okay with Alexia bc this car was driven by Marysol. They also feel that if they can get Alexia to be neutral and not ride or die for Marysol they ultimately have a change to get rid of Marysol. But they are relishing the opportunity to point out that Marysol lost this battle!

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