Anon. Think Trav bought the house. A family friend was driving in that neighborhood the other day (it’s a gated neighborhood) when Travis truck pulled up to the house (blacked out, chiefs license plate – easy to recognize). It was Saturday am before they flew out to New York for SNL so she was def with him in the car.

The neighborhood that house is in is on the Kansas side and south of the city so it’s a little more secluded. Neighborhood is gated and the house also gated. Travis current neighborhood/house is not gated. If she bought it I’m guessing it’s for security when she’s in town or he bought it as an upgrade.

Additionally, it sounds like the wife of the chiefs prior 3rd string quartet back who was traded to the bills early in the season flew back to rep the person buying it. She’s good friends with Brittany Mahomes so that’s where the early speculation that it was Taylor buying it came from.

The wife of the prior 3rd string an is a real estate agent.