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Subject: oooouuuhhh she’s taking it!

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Okay so they have started testing filming footage for newbies for SLC season 5 (they aren’t fully greenlit yet but production is confident season 4 will get them renewed). One of the newbies is a friend of Angie K called Mouniesha (pronounced money-shah?). She’s a ex pageant holder and very popular in SLC and was friends with Jen Lisa Angie Monica etc and the other newbie is somebody French (i don’t know her name) but she is a ex mormon missionary who was in France for her mission. Production thinks this would be an interesting in because Lisa’s son also went to France for her mission. She is also a mormon so production might try to force a heather rivalry.
Jennie wants back in which is why she is stirring this much trouble recently, she is very pissed at production and is willing to own up to all the posts from her facebook, but is deeply dissatisfied that mary made racist remarks against her both on and off camera but she was called back. Idk about the accuracy of this but apparently she received a mail from bravo execs directly that they don’t want her back but she is insistent on coming back to finish her story. She is also angry at Meredith Mary AND Lisa especially because of how they dropped her post s2

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