Okay so I talked to Danielle this was a very premeditated Thing by him he did this with production in full knowledge of the situation. They had finished wrapping filming last week. And nobody knew. Danielle is in Montauk she’s going to go back to the city tomorrow and be with Lindsay for a while. She said to me it’s not about and I was right moment. She just wants to be with her friend that needs her. Danielle Oliveira is the best person ever

He legitimately have production pick up cameras and dump her on camera

Okay I talked to my production friend in

Jersey and they told me that their friend works on the Hamptons crew for summer house and that allegedly Carl was not happy with being reduced to a friend of in a reoccurring status and the impacted their income greatly. And the way it was explained to me was that he blamed Lynn say for what happened with that and yeah that allegedly was a big factor in things which adds more Credence to what page was saying how you paying for all this?