From: Champagne Flutes

Subject: Hit Snooze!

Spill It to
RHOP8 is in post production. They have just called in newbie NNeka to film her cast picture and intro shot for next week.

The season is also very boring because 2 of the hard hitters Karen and Candiace are very inert for the first half and Candiace is stuck with her lawsuit as well. Gizelle is absent .

The only major feud for the first 10 episodes is Wendy vs Nneka and it’s very stupid and just has a lot of nonsensical yelling. Robyn is the only one who does any actual plot movement but we all know how boring and monotonous she is.

The season flips when Ashley and Candiace first meet and interact. Candiace once again insults Ashley. Ashley doesn’t take to it too well and that’s what the 2nd half is about. Charrise and Jacqueline Blake also start filming around this point which is why the dynamic speeds up. They’re filming confessionals now.

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