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Sep 23, 2023

: Jersey Gal

Subject: New formula

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Bravo are considering a brand new formula for the upcoming season of RHONJ. So far the groups are very much divided. Teresa, Jennifer, Jen & Jackie have all became buddies and are hanging out a lot. There’s some issue between Fessler & Jackie with Margaret. The other group is Marge, Melissa, Danielle & Rachel. Dolores is the only housewife that is floating between both groups who will not get together. The production along with the network are contemplating having 2 friend groups with 2 central storylines co-existing within the next season. Adding 3 newbies will help this dynamic so there can be drama & resolution between both groups. This means the reunion could be incredibly different with both groups filming separately. It’s looking very unlikely that the divide will heal and the groups will join together for a proper season. There will likely be 2 separate domestic cast trips also.

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  1. Over it

    Require them to film together or end their contracts. This is all too much. They signed up for a show that they were well aware of the dynamics going into this season. They could have declined returning this seaaon.

  2. Boymom

    Nope. Recast. Let the trouble makers go.

  3. Lindsay

    They should have rebooted

  4. Diana

    To me this sounds extremely complicated and is Teresa and Mellisa really worth the money to have 2 different trips because of the divide or am I reading this wrong

  5. Jessica

    I don’t like it. They need to get over it and do the job they’re paid to do, or go home

  6. Ashley

    That’s wack

  7. Bravo

    If this is accurate. It’s ridiculous

  8. Manhattan

    I hope Bravo reads the comments on your posts. Absolutely NO ONE wants to see this. I agree with the poster that said they signed contracts. Figure it out, or move on! This is getting boring already. Time for a reboot!

  9. Jen

    They need to fire Melissa and Margaret it isn’t hard…

  10. Malissa

    Why are we still doing a non international trip? All because the passport incident in the DR? Like we want to see them out of the country ie Italy again or Greece maybe?

  11. South American Girl

    All of them need to “ grow up!” They all signed contracts and should be filming together!! Time to get rid of the long time instigators, who never take responsibility for their actions!! Bring on some new ladies!!

  12. Carol

    They need to fire Melissa and Margaret it isn’t hard…

  13. Carol ignore the 1st Carol

    They need to fire Teresa and Jennifer it isn’t hard…


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